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  1. YZrider199

    HELP! torque specs for 05 yz 125

    thanks man. no i didnt even touch the bike yet im just getting my facts straight before i start the tear down. cheers.
  2. Hi, ive been looking on the internet for the last hour or so and i couldnt find any torque spec what so ever without having to pay like 10$ or something like that so if anybody knows the top end torque specs (cylinder, head, head stay, power valve) for an 05 yz 125 please share as im about to do a spring tear down. im also wondering if there are torque specs for clutch spring bolts or do you just snug them up as much as possible? thanks.
  3. YZrider199

    05 yz 125 questions/problems

    does anyone think it could be my power valves?? because the big bog comes aruond the rpm range (half throttle) that the valves would open. but what i came up with is to either put a new top end in or buy a jd jetting kit. i would much rather put money into jetting because 15 hours on a fresh top end is a bit early for a new one. agree?
  4. YZrider199

    05 yz 125 questions/problems

    hey guys, ive had my yz 125 for about 2 years now and since i got it ive had a jetting problem. im always fouling plugs! right now im running almost stock jetting but i have vforce reeds and a full fmf system on and i dont think the previous owner did the jetting for them. so my jetting is a 400 main, 40 pilot, 2 1/4 out on air screw, stock needle, 3rd position clip. my elevation is 1200ft and average temp is about 75 degrees and very mild humidity. i also have a massive bog at about half throttle that literally "eats plugs" i think im way out on my main jet. agree? i run 32:1 with tanaka two stroke oil and use a BR9ES plug wich is recommended but they dont last 2 days in my bike! ive even went through BR7's! please help! also, who has had experience with the JD jetting kits? are they worth it?
  5. YZrider199

    05 yz 125 problems HELP!

    ok, for the 2 years ive owned my yz 125 it has had numerous problems. .fouls a ton of plugs(jetting is all stock)(had to mix 40:1 but still a wet plug!) .when its running and i click it into first gear it dies immediately unless i rev it up a bunch . and i recently blew the head gasket because i noticed a funny smell from the exhaust and i started it up whith out the rad cap on and inside the rad the coolant was bubbling so i replaced all the gaskets on the top end except for the power valve gasket, removed all the head and cylinder bolts in criss cross so they couldnt have warped and put them on the same way but sure enough the gasket change didnt even make a difference. im so fed up with this bike but i dont want to get rid of it yet! help plz!