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  1. Thanks for your input Is setting up the suspension something I'm able to do myself?! Or is it more specialist?! And would this require a new spring/shock?! I do like 2 stroke because the rebuilds are relatively easy to do and saves money paying a mechanic.
  2. Hey guys, I was wondering if you could help I have been riding on and off since I was 18. I'd probably say I've only done 1-2 years proper riding all together. I started off on a 97' RM 125 which wasn't great the suspension was super hard and I didn't get on with it as a first bike. Then i moved on to a KX85 small wheel which was ridiculously fast (powerband was snappy as) and too small for me. Then I sold up and a few years later took it up again and this time on a YZ 85 B/W which suited me to the ground, I really found my confidence on this bike and cleared my first table top, first time on track since I'd given up the last time. NOW, that was a year or two ago because life got in the way (moving out etc) I sold up and now me and my boyfriend are in a position to start riding more seriously. The big question is; which bike to I get? (Surprising since I'm in this thread, right?!) I want a bike I can keep for awhile which is why I was put off the CRF 150R because I feel I'd wanna get a bigger bike after awhile; then I thought of a 125 of some sort but then didn't know if I'd cope with the powerband, or even if its that much different to an 85; lastly a 250F of some kind, only thing that bother me about a 250f is the weight. Height is another thing as well; I'm 5'7" and can just touch the ground in a 'big' bike (with boots) But then I figured I could shave the seat?! I'm 23 (female) and I weigh about 150Ibs. Suggest away