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  1. im looking to do some type of graphics or graphic kit on my drz over the winter...does anyone have pics of drz's done up with graphic kits... also what do you think about led light up kits on drz's? any pics? around here the more lights on the bike the better to be seen..plus its legal in my state to run colored lights on bikes...
  2. i talked to a local shop its going in the shop on monday. i know how to install parts but when it comes to tuning i get confused. i hope they can figure it out..its from idle to almost full throttle wide open..once its full wide open i dont really feel the spit or sputter.... even when i try to start it after bein warmed up.its a little hard to start sometimes i have to give it some gas to get it going...
  3. to william i took it out again today ..seems like its from idle to the middle point.when opened full throttle i dont feel it.... it feels like a spit sputter hes. feeling im on clip #3 on emn.... when i bought the carb from tt it came with a EMR needle. but i changed it to the EMN like everyone else..
  4. ok i just installed my new mrd ssw pipe and my new 39mm fcr from tt... ok to start off this is what ive done to bike 3x3 mod bmc air filter mrd ssw full pipe Outlaw ap cover R&D Flex jet Fuel screw FCR-MX 39mm Conversion Kit Jetting for open mrd pipe with 3x3 mod... 160 main jet 45 pilot jet 200 main air jet EMN needle , clip #3 2 turns fuel screw Remove the pilot air jet wired up the ap spring i live in stroudsburg pa ( Pocono area) sea level around 600 my question is. i let it warm up and it seems like it idles ok...but when im riding at a normal speed in the mid range it seems like it spits and spudders.or like a hestitation feeling.... when its full throttle i dont really feel it as much if any... what can i do? to fix or is someone local near me give me a hand... thank you...
  5. lostboyz

    Problem with fcr-mx 39mm

    quick question why would you remove the pilot air jet?