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  1. You should try 126-128
  2. But who’s ever had a tire out last their brake pads?
  3. Plastics are cheap. Or get some graphics.
  4. Snow seal the stitching on soles. Mine are great after doing that. I put a bunch on and used my heat gun to melt it in.
  5. Will the bike turn over, but start or is it dead 100%? Have you tried bump starting it? The only time my 2015 FE 350 wouldn’t start, it was a bad fuse. It would crank, but not fire.
  6. Check the start button. It might have dirt on the contacts
  7. Yep
  8. I haven’t owned an FC, but I can’t imagine that kind of maintiance is needed.
  9. No, the FE is an enduro bike, not like the FC MX version and even those don’t need that kind of attention. My 2015 FE 350 which rev’d more than a 450, got oil changes every 300 miles or so and those were hard miles. I took the inline fuel filters out and used a tank sock. The air filter deepened on the conditions and was changed when needed. I hope you’re not looking to MX the FE 450. You won’t be happy. The 4cs forks are going to need some work unless you’re just doing easy trail riding.
  10. Same here in the USA. Mostly dudes coming from the inner city’s. Parking on farmers crops, riding quads on bike single track, staying in one area and ripping it to $#!%. Then they have party’s in the fields and leave all their garbage. It gives us good, respectable guys a bad name, as most including the police, don’t really know the difference. This is why we try and keep our areas top secret. It’s a hard fought war and mostly fought in vain.
  11. The Evo air are nice, but I kind wish I had just gotten the evo 3. You can’t go wrong with the 3’s. Either are good pegs. The 3 is a bit bigger that the Airs are.
  12. With out a better map than stock, any after market pipe will make the bike run too lean.
  13. VT2-x-ring chain. No need to lube, but I use wax to stop any rust from starting. The D.I.D VT chains last a long time. I replace the master and clip once and awhile, but that’s it.
  14. I’m running the Radius CX in my 300 and love it!! Used the 3.0 on the 570 berg and Husqvarna 350 and they worked great! You really can’t go wrong with either! The Radius CX engages very strong and the feel is maybe a bit lighter. Both are great!
  15. Talked to a really nice guy in NY yesterday. He’s a TM dealer. I’m going to see what 2019 bring for the TM 300en 2t. Maybe FI or something. The 4T bike are $$ and because of their crazy tech, a rebuild might be $$ and I’m not sure about resale, but I’m going to buy a TM 300 2t next! Anyone want a mint 2018 Husqvarna TX 300? Lol!