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  1. G12 if you have a wide foot. Sidi if you have a narrower foot. IMHO, G12 is a better boot.
  2. You shouldn’t buy an MX bike for “fields and trails”. If you’re looking for a bike to ride in the woods then buy an enduro bike. You’ll get 300 hours on a top end and the suspension will work better. Look for a KTM 250/350 EFI. You should find on for $4k in really good shape with low hours / miles. MX bikes spend they’re life bouncing off the rev limiter and that’s why you’ll be doing a rebuild every 100 hours.
  3. How about George at Up Tight Racing or Cyclebuy.com? Both keep old stuff in stock
  4. Yes, good people
  5. I agree, it all depends where[mention=409850] Agr0[/mention] is riding. Different tools for different jobs
  6. The hot set up for North East is the Shinko 216 Fatty aka Golden Tyre 216 Fatty and the Shinko 505 cheater or 525 cheater.
  7. Could it be that your tank as deformed over the years a little bit?
  8. Cool because it’s the opposite of cool. Aka ironic. It’s a millennial-hipster thing, which I’m neither and would never wear that
  9. A guy posted up on a thread I was on the other day with photos and details. Then I started looking into it a bit more and read KTM had fixed a few bikes on their dime, keeping it on the DL. I guess they hope most guys just use the button. I’ll see if I can find a link to the thread. I figured it’s worth letting 2017 owners know about it. It’s a easy enough fix.
  10. Just saw some posts regarding the 2017. Something about the idler gear bolt I think. It’s an easy fix. KTM/Husqvarna fixed it on the 2018 bikes with a longer bolt. Without the fix I’ve heard guys are breaking the case when kick starting. I read you can tap the hole for a longer bolt. You’ve got the button, so it’s not the end of the world, but it’s worth looking into it. My buddy has a 17 and I can see the difference between his and my 2018. He’s tapping it this week.
  11. Thanks for posting that video! I’ve Been thinking about going out for Stix and Stones this year. Glad to see it from a AA prospective. Getting the hole-shot is crucial when it’s like that! Saw a few passing opportunities, but that’s tight. Is that an A/B section or do they send everyone on the same track? Do they start the A & AA on a later minute? I’m surprised you weren’t passing more novice guys in that stuff that started on a earlier minute. Looking forward to seeing some more clips. I’m going to try and get out this summer. Looks a lot like our stuff back east, just bigger and steeper! Lol! The TX threehunny will work well out there if I can swing it.
  12. You misaligned the rod Or overtightened something
  13. I carry a multi tool, KTM sleeve of sockets and zip ties. Oh and a master link. I used to carry more, but I’ve learned what’s needed and what’s not. I run tubliss or bibs, so I’ll carry a plug kit with tubliss. I keep my bikes in good order.
  14. I’ve tried them all and I have to say the SXS is my fav! They stand up to the abuse very well. Easy to install on a 4t and pretty easy to install on a 2t. The AXP is also pretty cool, but I’m not sure about the “plastic welds” holding up. I’ve never used one, so I can’t say for sure. The SXS is cut and molded in one piece. Either one will work and less of a PIA that separates link guards. Definitely don’t use the Hyde link guard! It collects dirt and isn’t a good design.
  15. My TX has a claimed dry weight of 216lbs. You’ll be looking for stuff to jump on the way back to the truck instead of just plugging along. Trust me, try a 300!