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  1. 1 lunger

    Aluminum Wheel Cleaner on bike?

    this stuff is the best I’ve used
  2. 1 lunger

    How not to get screwed when buying dirt bike?

    Not sure if this was mentioned, but I’d want to see a cold start to begin with. Look at / feel suspension and over all condition. Look at the sellers garage and personal car. That will tell you a lot about a person and how they keep things. Lastly, go for a ride and shift through all the gears. Tires, chains, bearings, etc are cheap enough and easy to replace. Don’t get hung up on that stuff. Also, ask questions! What mix ratio do they run? What 2t oil do they use? Where was the bike used? Track? Woods? Back yard? A track bike will likely be worked the hardest. Good luck! And don’t expect much for $700, but you never know.
  3. 1 lunger

    Husqvarna title type

    I figured if my 2018 TX had a title, than a FS would for sure. I’m in CT. and it might be easier here, but I could be wrong.
  4. 1 lunger

    Husqvarna title type

    You will get a title that will allow you to walk into DMV and walk out with a plate. I got a plate for my TX 300. I’d didn’t even come with a tail light, never mind a brake light.
  5. 1 lunger

    What caused this?

    2017 KTW 2t 250s and 300 have a known issue too. The idler gear bolt and boss is short. It’s was fixed in 2018, but with such good estart, you don’t see many.
  6. 1 lunger

    Is a 2005 te450 a good reliable trail bike?

    Good bike! A little dated, but still good.
  7. 1 lunger

    Best Tire Pressure Gauge?

    I got this one from JEGS and it’s always been good. Easy to read to 0.25 lbs. “longacre racing” and it wasn’t very much $ at all.
  8. 1 lunger

    1992 EXC-350

    Well done! Did you find the retainer clip? Where?
  9. The sensors are in the motor. When the RPM go up faster than the wheel spins, traction kicks in by retarding the timing/ cutting power.
  10. 1 lunger

    Quickest way to remove shock

    What bike?
  11. 1 lunger

    1992 EXC-350

    That’s bike is a Cagive era Husky. It might be had to find parts. That was 3 company’s ago. Maybe try George at Uptight or Moto exotica.
  12. 1 lunger

    '17 - '19 KTM 250/300 XC lighting

    I also went with the EE plug and play. Mine is a 2018 TX 300, but I think it’s all the same wiring. I added the brake light switch and everything worked perfect. Even the stock front brake line fits the headlight brake line guide. Get the EE and save yourself the frustration.
  13. 1 lunger

    What is this part?

    It’s a clutch slave protector.
  14. 1 lunger

    Christmas comes Early - New 2018 FE501

    It’s going to fell like you’re on a 250 with 500 power compared to the old TE! The 510 is a great bike, but heavy and slow compared to the 501! You’ll need to do a few thing to get it running right, but you’re in the right place to find all the info you need for that! Enjoy!!
  15. 1 lunger

    KTM 450 EXC 2014 small oil leak

    I’d bet that’s coming from the CCS seal.