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  1. 1 lunger

    2014 FC250 Not Starting

    Could be lower from factory. .54, but you should be able to find the specs online
  2. 1 lunger

    2014 FC250 Not Starting

  3. 1 lunger

    2014 FC250 Not Starting

    You’ll need a tps plug and a multi meter. Push the star bottom and you’ll get a reading on the meter. It adjust a lot by only moving a hair. Check YouTube.
  4. 1 lunger

    2014 FC250 Not Starting

    Have you checked the tps? Might have gone out of spec.
  5. 1 lunger

    2018 FE 350 Dead Battery

    I’ve got an 18 TX300 with a dead battery. One day was fine, next day dead. My buddy with an 18 TE 300 had the same thing happen. 2018 battery’s suck!
  6. Yes, but will need to use the spacers from current bike.
  7. Pro Pegs are about a nice as they come and what I use on my 2018 TX300. Super light titanium and wide than stock.
  8. 1 lunger

    Wheel size...

    That’s how it should look. Bounce it and tighten pinch bolts
  9. 1 lunger

    Top end rebuild, what happened?

    Had the same thing after a couple hours. It’s the coating on the rings.
  10. I had one on my FE350 and it was pretty nice! Not as load as stock pipe on the sxf.
  11. FMF 4.1 with mega bomb
  12. 1 lunger

    Hard to start

  13. 1 lunger

    Hard to start

    RMATV should have stuff, but if you can’t find it there, try http://www.motoxotica.com/
  14. 1 lunger

    Hard to start

    Check your valves