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  1. Id83

    Side shrouds

    I dunno, all I know is I looked up UFO plastic for 1999 and it said sold in pairs but oh well
  2. Id83

    Side shrouds

    It sounds like your missing a radiator shroud you should have a pair one for each side. Search around you can find a pair for about 50$
  3. So I ride a KX250 yep two wheels. I am basically only interested in two-stroke's. I have been interested in the 250r for a while. I want something with lights for night dune riding. My concern is with the power. I'm used to the power and get up the kx250 provides, how does the trx compare? I've never owned a quad especially one the 20+ years old. I've seen some from 1500$ to 5000$ so what advice have you guys got for a dirt bike guy looking for a 250r?