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  1. cambeul

    Kawasaki KX250 (2002)


    New bike to me. Maintenance about one year over due, at least the bearings are ok. This winter is going to be busy, maintenance.
  2. cambeul

    Kawasaki KX250 (2002)


    New bike to me. Maintenance about one year over due, at least the bearings are ok. This winter is going to be busy, maintenance.
  3. cambeul

    Kawasaki KX250 (2002)


    New bike to me. Maintenance about one year over due, at least the bearings are ok. This winter is going to be busy, maintenance.
  4. trail season opened, and my bike is down...

  5. cambeul

    FMF Shorty Silencer stuck

    ...thanks for helping me get back into roosten bikes again. ok on the heat, and will remember that tip on no silicone , besides, with proper maintenance no oil will leak out onto the bike anyway. roost on !
  6. cambeul

    Missing Cranckcase Breather Fitting

    just noticed you said "not" normal...I haven't road a bike in 20 years....man has tech stuff gotten crazy....I rode a retired flat track bike '79 yz 80 for 5 years...nothing but a plug change, and a cable if I remember right. The maintenance on these new bikes is a little overwhelming at first...but man do they fly...thanks again gentleman ....roost on !
  7. cambeul

    Missing Cranckcase Breather Fitting

    Thanks for the suggestions guys. Makes me feel a whole lot better about "jerry" rigging stuff, with Loctite, I like to replace things if they need it....but it was mentioned that this is common...so I will be sure to tie the hoses up, and mild Loctite on the fitting.....and about the other guy that mentioned a womans lipstick...you never know till you try it. ...roost on !
  8. ...not sure where to put this..but I was looking around for alternative methods..didn't find many threads here..so I thought Id help out the next rooster...tried all kinds of "over the counter" solvents..soaking overnight...tried a drill with my back up cluth cable, and inserted it in the pipe and tried to scrape it....nothing happened except ruining my backup cable..sure a lot of dirty stuff came out...but I can see down in there, and its still about a 1/16" thick...now I run the risk of crap falling off, and being sucked back into the motor...no thanks..when I invest in an acetylene torch set up again, Ill do it myself..until then, Ill pay the local muffler shop 50 bucks to ensure that my pipe is clean, and dent free. p.s. Don't throw it in a fire...this is not a moped expansion chamber, the fire will most likely not burn it all out, just loosen it up, and suck back in the motor, and it will most likely bend out of shape if it gets to hot...besides, igniting the carbon on one end, and blowing oxygen on it to flow the carbon burn to the other, is the only way to clean it with heat.
  9. found out my breather fitting and hose all gone. Part is ordered and probably a week out. Any ideas? I have many ideas myself. Im mechanically inclined. But has anyone tested something to replace the fitting on the case, that works. Is this normal? Loose loose fit to the case? Maybe my old bike has been rattling long enough to hawg out that fitting placement in the case? Will know as soon as the new part comes in. Hopefully the aluminum fitting was getting smaller/worn. I have a new Kawasaki Service manual. And says nothing about it. I had to look it up on the parts fische, just to know what Kawasaki calls the part by name. Others call it pcv fitting...etc....etc. Thanks 2002 KX250
  10. Silencer stuck, cant take apart, dis-assembly, repair. No matter how the silencer has been modified, only the fasteners on the end of the silencer towards the engine, need to be removed. If still in factory condition. Do not drill rivets at the rear end of the silencer. Remove 3 allen head bolts, located on the end of the silencer facing the engine. Hang the silencer, to a rafter, with the rope looped through one of the 2 mounting brackets on the silencer. Or something suitable, so you can tap the rubber mallet and pull at the same time. Maybe put your foot in it and pull. Tap the end lightly, with a rubber mallet. All around where the bolts where removed, while grasping the pipe and pulling. You will here a ping sound, every time you make progress with the tapping. I also tried hitting it really hard. Didn't work...., wd-40, kerosene, and this stuff called oops. All soaked in the position hanging from the rope. Nothing worked until I heard that "pinging" sound. I know the factory seals it with silicone, and silicone is sticky. But I think the factory wraps those pieces so precise, that it takes a tin knocker to get it unstuck. Or at least someone that knows a tin knocker. Hit me back, let me know if this works for you.
  11. fmf shorty stuck.....check out my new post

  12. Starting life over...again! But here is my new start. 2005 vdub diesal-small trailer-2002 KX250. Originally from central valley cali, working all over the nation recently Montana. 42mpg loaded or not, sure helps having to travel for work. Would like to find some riding partners, mx, or trail.
  13. water in my oil...2d oil change...service manual one week out

  14. cambeul

    What did you do to your KX/KDX today?

    While cleaning my 02 KX250. Found a cracked seat/sub frame.....my buddy welded the aluminum frame, and noticed a flaw with the factory welds in that area....so he "beafed" up the other side while we were there....lets see how it works> note crack is where the screw driver is stuck, just below the left seat bracket bolt