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  1. ThumpStar Sixfitty

    Need advice on what to buy.

    I figured some pics were in order.
  2. ThumpStar Sixfitty

    Need advice on what to buy.

    I looked long and hard at the hyper. I'm just not too keen on the looks of it.
  3. ThumpStar Sixfitty

    Need advice on what to buy.

    Thanks for all the input. All of it was appriciated. Ive decided to go with a black 2013 Triumph Speed Tripple. Not the R version just the regular model. I gotta say i was stuck on that Yamaha FZ-09 there for along time, its a really nice looking bike.....Ive always liked the Speed Tripples and im happy with my decision. Thanks again for the input.
  4. ThumpStar Sixfitty

    Need advice on what to buy.

    I currently own a Honda XR650L. I'm coming into some family money in a couple months and I'm looking to get a sport bike or something alittle more street than the XR. So I guess I'm asking all you sport bikers what would you purchase, taking in concideration I don't want some really nice fast bike that everybody has. I want something really nice fast that you don't see everyday. I have been looking into the Triumph Daytona 675R, the Triumph Speed Tripple R, the Ducati Monster 1100EVO and the Ducati Supermotard SP. I'm having a hell of a time trying to decide what to get. Like I said I don't want anything you see everyday. Like the Suzukis, Yamahas, Hondas, etc. Something different. Your opinions will be greatly appriciated.
  5. ThumpStar Sixfitty

    Larger kickstand foot XR650L

    I cut a 2 1/2 in X 4in piece of 1/4 steel plate and ground the edges smooth and rounded the corners. I also gut grooves in the bottom for added traction. Then I tack welded it to the bottom of the factory kickstand foot, reinstalled the kickstand to make sure it was level. Then welded the new larger foot to the bottom of the factory one. After a little grinding and some flat black ceramic high temp paint it looks awesome and never sinks on me unless im parked in a swamp,, I guess all youd need then is some waterwings and youd be good. But what do I know?
  6. My best friend recently purchaced a 09 Kawasaki KLR650.... He dosnt know anybody that rides so he was out there for a month riding alone with no experience so,,I thought well I cant have him out there alone so I went and bought a 2013 XR650L. in 4 weeks ive managed to put over 2000 miles on the bike... We ride all over the place,, when I got it it only had .6 miles. We just wanted to welcome anybody to come ride with us. We recently rode the George Washington National Forest trails in Harrisonburg a couple weekends ago with a few guys we met through dual sport motovloging on youtube. Btw my friend does the vloging I just ride with him,,,, If you want to check out the vids go to youtube his user name is Sova Klr....But yeah we are looking for more dual sporters to join in on our fun.
  7. ThumpStar Sixfitty

    whos riding in VA

    Im in Halifax County a friend of mine and I ride all over the state but spend most of our time on the county back roads, light lines and whatever trails we can find. If theres no "no trespassing" sign hanging then its fair game.
  8. Yes Sir. My only gripe is that when I wear my sunglasses through the shield, the polarization in the glasses makes everything with shine look like an aqua blue color. Every windshield, everything with direct sunlight turns blue. Im kinda used to it now tho. Myabe it has something to do with that word "Quality" you spoke of.... I HATE Oakleys, yet i bought them anyway because well.....thats all that you can get here in this small town and I hate ordering stuff online. Im a instant gratification kinda guy. Waiting a week or two for something I spent good money on isnt in my cup of tea.
  9. ThumpStar Sixfitty

    What did you do to your pig today?

    I took my XR650L up a small hill through the local McDonnalds, jumped off a 4' loading dock several times, rolde up stairs in the local hospitals parking lots and had a drag race with my buddy on his KLR. Good day. Ohh and I washed her this morning.
  10. ThumpStar Sixfitty

    my opinion on my XR 650L

    I own a 2013 XRL completely factory. Nothing has been done to the bike with the exception of a bar pad. I get around,, cant be exact,, 120 miles to a tank. Might be more because ive never completely ran it out of gas before but I do know at 120 miles there is absolutly zero "slosh" in the tank.
  11. Fly Trecker is where its at! I own the matte black with clear shield. Hey thats what sunglasses are for right? haha