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  1. hi, I have an xt125 with some electrical gremlins. The bike starts and runs fine but the lights etc do not work. The battery is not being charged. If i connect a full battery everything works but its basically a total loss system. I looked up how to test the stator etc but mine seems a little different from the systems in the tutorials. Main connector from the crankcase has four wires. I have found three which all read about 35ohms when two are connected. I cant get any voltage reading of any of these wires when bike is running. The bike runs without this connected. There is also another connector with two wires. I cant get any voltage reading from this but the bike dies if I disconnect it In addition to these two connectors are two red wires with bullet connectors. These read 4v and 8v each to ground on the frame Also the bike has separate rectifier and regulator boxes. The regulator has been disconnected but make no difference if I plug it back in. The bike runs great as is, starts first kick even if left a few weeks (or months) but i would like to get this sorted. The bike is road legal and registered so it seems a waste not to fix this. I even have a set of sweet dr250 indicators to put on. I could just get a 10,000 mah lipo and led bulbs and run a total loss system but obviously this is not ideal. Any ideas? is the stator dead? Is a tw125 the same as this? Thanks in advance.
  2. ddashk

    xt125 1991 front fork info

    i just thought i would add an update incase anyone with the same problem is following along after me. you need to get your front end of the ground. its like red green but without the duct tape. that stuff is kinda spendy. and yes that bash plate is a yield sign. this is the original slider bush. slight teflon on the left fading through bronze to plain steel on the right. some wire wool on a coat hanger as one of the fork sliders was a bit gunky inside. so i went with an upper bush which was the correct diameter and thickness but too high. 15mm instead of 12mm. there is actually 15mm between the bush seat and seal seat so it works out fine. the original bushings were not meant to be removable so the fit is a little tighter than normal. I filed the gap in the bush to make the fit a little less tight. for the lower bush i had to go up 1mm in diameter. so it is 36.70x20x1. i then had to cut a little off to widen the gap. i ended up taking about seven mil out. i also made sure to file the newly cut edge. i am sure you wont find anywhere to recommend this procedure. if you live in the uk or ireland you wont find anyone with the correct size bushings either so what are you gonna do. somewhere online i found someone refer to 249cc or fork oil per leg. i lost the link but had written it on the shed wall so all was well. i just bought 500ml and split it. i wanted two identical containers to weigh it out. i used a tin opener to take the top of two 7up cans. they are light and the right size and you can squish the rim to make a pouring spout. cant find any pics of it finished but it is. the forks feel great and i dont think the dodgy bushing work had any ill effects. any way i hope anyone in this position come across this cos its always good to have (cheap) options. cost less than €50 including the oil.
  3. ddashk

    ttr125 fork bushes

    cheers for those. the second one is really interesting. they are the parts yamaha would sell me if i let them except yamaha want €165 for each side. still got to buy the inner bushing but hot sweet to have nos fork lowers. will contact him to see if there are two.
  4. ddashk

    ttr125 fork bushes

    yeah i have thought of lots of things along those lines but the money is the real issue. only paid 250euro for the bike and want to keep costs down. i have removed the old bushes and am now stuck because they are an unusual size. 35x12x2 for the guide and 35x20x1 for the slide. i have enough room for the guide to be 15mm high and still sit under the oil seal. i went and bought oem oil seals so wanted to replace the bushes which had a little play or the oil seals are wasted. i also dont want to buy forks and the end up doing seals bushes oil anyway. my forks are in good condition other then these pesky bushes.
  5. ddashk

    ttr125 fork bushes

    no its a 125 alright. the forks are actually the same as the 82-83 xt200. i had read that pre 1984 yamaha only sold bushes as part of the whole assembly. but today i see that the ttr125 seems to be a similar set up with the guide bushes part of the fork lower. i am finding out as i go that the bike is pretty rare i cant find out where it was sold originally. the frame number starts 3yu which is different from the early eighties xt125. here is a pic as i bought it.
  6. ddashk

    ttr125 fork bushes

    hi i have a post over in dual sport about an 1991 xt 125. my problem is the "non-replaceable" fork bushes. i see from the ttr125 parts fiche that you guys have the bush listed as part of the fork lower. what do you do when the fork bushes are worn out? surely you dont give yamaha 200 bucks for a fork lower. cheers, damian
  7. hi i am working on an xt 125 from 1991. got it cheap and its in decent nick so i want to just get it going well and see if i want to go all out from there. i didnt realise how rare these bikes are. its really hard to find any info or parts. the frame has been painted recently and the wheels are in good nick. the seat has just been recovered and all plastic is present. the only problems are the leaky forks and completely shot exhaust header. it was a non runner but after a good carb and tank clean and a makeshift intake boot she starts first kick now. just now what i most urgently need is a wiring diagram and some info on the front forks. they are not the same as the 82-83 xt125. i think they are from the 82 xt200. crucially this puts them pre-1984 and means yamaha do not offer fork bushes. i got oem oil seals but cannot find bushes. the guide bush i removed was 12mm high. the closest i can find is 15mm. there is 15.5mm from the bush seat to the seal seat. so it will fit but will be sitting on its seat and almost impossible to remove. the old one sat about 2mm up from its seat so i could hook it out. should i just use the 15mm? the original ones measure 35x12x2. the slide bushes are 35x20x1. the best i have found are 35x15x1. so i have a bodge in mind and wonder what you guys think. spin my old one in a drill and remove the teflon and some metal to make them slightly thinner and then cut 5mm rings from them to make a kind of 5mm spacer to hold the 15mm bushes in place. hopefully they would not actually slide as they would be a bit thinner but just hold the bushes in place. any thoughts? also does anyone know the oil measurements for these forks?