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  1. sacooley

    rmz450 headlight

    Hey Guy's, bring this old Topic back from the dead. I Have come up with a Cheap and Dirty way to light my Bike at night. I am still testing it. I acquired a 6 LED white Light. It’s a 12 Volt light. It’s about 4.5 inches round. Has two Mounting Bolts on the back. This will mount to my Number Plate. I'm thinking of getting a second Number plate to swap them out when I need it. I'm not using this bike as a SuperMoto. I Elk and Deer Hunt off my bike; it gets me into the back country where the 4 wheelers can't go. Sometimes the hunt takes me into the evening hours in the dark. It’s a big pain in the rear to drive with my Mag Light. The light has a .5 amp draw. I picked up a 12 volt 2.3 amp hour battery at Batteries Plus for $25.00. This means that I can get a little over 4.4 hours of use to a battery that is mounted on my Handlebars on top of my ProTaper Pad, Its a little smaller about 7 inches long 3 inches wide and an inch thick. I am still in the testing stage of this unit, but I’m into it for around $35.00. I wanted to get a Bright Light what would light up the trail or lack of trail in front of me. I'm testing this in my garage. I also have a 12 vdc Solar Panel I picked up to recharge my Battery in the Field, I have no Current Bushes out there. Its 12 volts and .75 amp output. It has been taking my about 6.5 hours to charge the battery backup to full charge. Doesn't add up on paper. Who knows? I'm going to add pictures when completed. Hope this helps. I don't think you would be running the Baja 1000 with this setup. But you could just about go all night with a Second Battery.
  2. sacooley

    Did I really just bend my handle bars???

    I know. I know... this is an Old Post....I just wanted to say you Guy's are Awesom!!! I can just come to thumper talk and get the information I need. I'm haveing some of the same problems that you guy's run into. I rarely have to post a dang thing...Thanks again....SC
  3. If he was really on Crack You'd think he would take a couple hundred for it. That supermoto stuff scares the crap out of me anyways.. S
  4. Anyplace that has a Brass Pole or Two.....You haven't been unless you've been there before....SHHHwinnnng...
  5. I'm bringing this Thread Back To Life. How are you supposed to get to that Fuel/Air Screw? And how do you know it's purring like a kitten??? SC
  6. sacooley

    Let's see your RM-Z450!

    Here is my 06. Still have some stuff to do to it.
  7. sacooley


    Thanks JFM43, I have a about 4 more I can make from the sign I made it from. I was thinking to drill some 3/4 inch holes in the top part behind the front tire maybe to cool it down some. I got some Exhaust Pipe Heat Wrap. That header runs right under the Radiator. I think it has worked to cool it down a little. Happy Riding. SC
  8. sacooley


    I use my bike for Technical Trail and Open Range. I have a diffrent back tire and wheel for what I'm going to use it for. Open range I use 13X49 sprockets and for Technical Riding I use 13X51. It seems to work out pretting good. Even changing out a rear sprocket dosen't take but a 20 or 30 minutes. I even built a Skid Plate for it out of a Alumminum Sign. Attaching a Pick
  9. sacooley

    engine guards

    Guy's I was looking into this too. But for a Skid Plate. I looked at alot of these on-line and thought I could build one. I work for the Highway Department and the signs are aluminum (spelling??) So I went to work on building a CardBoard template to cut one out of a Street Sign. I'm looking into getting the side motor Gaurds now. Still in the Drawing board phase now.
  10. sacooley

    13X51 Gears

    Hi Thumpers, I'm new here. I have been reading and reading for months though. I picked me up a 2006 RMZ-450 for a song and a dance. Couldn't really pass it up. I'm 44 years young and my wife calls it my Mid Life Crisis. I call it two wheel shock to the brain. WoW what fun. Years ago I started out with a YZ80 to a YZ125 then to 3 other ( the red ones ) 250's. I raced a little in the local tracks and stoped for about 25 years of real riding. I mostly do trail ridding and I wanted a trail bike, but like I said I picked this one up for a Song and Dance. So now I'm A very Happy RMZ-450 Owner. It just wasn't working out with the 14X49 Gears (350) so I went ahead and ordered some new Sprockets.The bike would ack like it wanted to stall out on my on the slow difficult areas. I got home the other day and my wife said "you got another Package in the mail" you know with that sarcastic Voice.. I was Like WOOHOO my new 13X51 (392) Sprockets are here. So I got the gears on and my brother came over with his CR450E. It's Okay... Back to my bike. We went riding and I can't believe the differance in the ride. I know it only go's to 4th gear so I lost a little on the top end but the bottom end. WOW, what a differance. Going through the technical areas are a breeze. When you get on it the front tire is in the air again. Took just a little while to get used to the low end power all over again. SO if your thinking of using it as a trail bike this gearing really worked for me. Maybe It could work for you too. Now I am getting a IMS 3.2 gal fuel tank and a K&M air cleaner. I enjoy Tinkering on this thing in the Garage. Its opened my eye's up to my youth. Next Purchase in a Nice Dual Sport. I have been looking at the Triumph Tiger 800 XC... Well you guy's keep it in control and where your protective gear. I had mine on and still Screwed up my Rotor Cuff. I'm off of it for about 3 months. just in time to get in shape for the Odessa 100 in Washington State. Sorry for the long Post. Making up for all the reading I have been doing. SC