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    Running jet feul in bike.

    It is actual jet fuel. Drained from aircraft. Thats the thing that I couldnt understand so well. The guy told me he tested it in a saucer against normal pump feul. He said it had a longer burn than pump fuel but also a much stronger burn. Not sure on the colour yet. But common sense tells me if you have a fuel with a longer burn, it wouldnt be as powerfull. Maybe it was just another one of those guys that loves talking bs so much that he actually starts believing himself. Was quite convincing though
  2. I found a way, dont ask how, to get my hands on some jet fuel. No I was wondering if anyone has used it in their bikes, and any risks that would be involved. My friend uses it on his superbike, racing on the track, and gets great results. Just want more feedback before I try it for myself.
  3. soppies joller

    ''Free mods''

    Thanx guys. Much appreciated
  4. soppies joller

    ''Free mods''

    Okay so I'm new to this forum and quite new to offroading as well. Got my 2004 yz250f about 2 months ago and since been visiting TT on a regular basis. Saw in a previous thread someone talked about ''free mods''... would like to know more about what there is to be done at home to boost that power a bit. Thanx