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  1. Sun's out bikes out still love it!!
  2. That's sexy as!
  3. Xr400 or 250 both are reliable, not the lightest most powerful or fastest but do a lot of things well!
  4. Honda all the way!!! All that said an done I still want my xr400 it does everything I want it to! Keep ya 230s yams an the rest cheers!
  5. Mines going to my son when I've finished with it! He is 6 now! Don't see meny ktm getting past on to future generations! Don't make them like the xr no more built to last!
  6. what happened?
  7. Ìts from a crf 450 2005 ,had to cut few inches off at the rear to fit, an use the top hats from the xr to clear frame but looks fresher than stock, I used a small blow touch also to neaten off the cut looks.pretty factory once fitted! cheers love my old faithful xr4 only bike for me!
  8. I've posted a picture before but I like this angle better lol merry Xmas fellow xr owners!
  9. wow stunning bike absolutely awesome looking! Pleasure to look at!
  10. looks like mine! Love it!
  11. I'd like to be with ya on that ride! Looks beautiful! 1 hell of a view!
  12. thanks ill look out for 1! Really tidy s things up
  13. what rear fender set up are you using ? Tidy looking rear end that!
  14. Weld up one end you need an air line adaptor welded in to a washer then weld that to other end pressurise the then sealed pipe with air an warm up the dented area with blow torch till cheery red should pop out! Don't over pressurise it! I've seen my old man have good results this method !