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  1. bdolnik

    PO says he rejetted bike

    Ok thanks, I'm going to get some carb cleaner tomorrow and clean it all up and put it back together. Will let you know how it goes. Thanks again.
  2. bdolnik

    PO says he rejetted bike

    Does this look right to you? I pulled the screw and it looks to me like the rubber o-ring is too big. Kind of hard to tell from this picture maybe, but there is a detent on the screw where it looks like the o-ring is supposed to sit, and this one sits crooked in there, like it is a little too big. I would think it should fit snug in that detent.
  3. bdolnik

    PO says he rejetted bike

    I like this since I don't have to remove the carb Will give it a try tonight. Thanks a bunch, hope it works.
  4. bdolnik

    PO says he rejetted bike

    Mine doesn't have the extended fuel screw. That white knob is turned all the way in to it's stops, won't go any further. Mine won't idle without the choke on.
  5. bdolnik

    PO says he rejetted bike

    Can you tell me what it was Jremmee? Funny I'm in the EXACT same boat here. Just bought the bike, a 2007 SM and have the same issue except my carb is not dirty like yours. Also my the white knob (idle adjuster?) is turned all the way in as far as it will go. Looks like PO was trying to get it to idle higher so it doesn't stall without choke. He told me it needs to warm up for a very long time before you can push the choke back in, which doesn't sound right, especially here in Florida. Also bike only has 1600 or so miles on it, and PO used a Dynojet kit, not the JD like yours, and I know that the 155 is in there. Looking for suggestions on what to try first... issues are: 1) Won't idle without choke 2) Pops loudly on deceleration 3) Idle adjustment knob at max Going to go look for a service manual now. Thanks