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    Head swap?

    Is there any difference with the valves?
  2. Hondakid1234

    Head swap?

  3. Hondakid1234

    Head swap?

    Hello all, new to the forum and looking for some help. Earlier this year I purchased a 2008 rmz 250 in need of a top end. Well after a top and bottom end rebuild the piston decided to blow and in turn ruined the engine. I found a 2004 close to where I live for a reasonable price but he said the head where the cams sit is worn and the bike needs a head. My head of the 2008 was not damaged so my question is, will and 08 head fit on a 04 engine. Any input will be greatly appreciated because as of now this bike has been a money pit and all that I want to do now is ride with the nice weather arriving. Thanks In Advanced