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    brand new, what to pick?

    Yea I think I'm sold on the TTR. I figured the 150 would be a bit heavy in comparison to power. Thanks for all the info. On another note, just learned my dad is selling his 1200GP wave runner and getting a FZ8 street bike.
  2. path0s

    brand new, what to pick?

    Well off the bat, I won't be that bold. Haha, I just want something I can trail ride, decent power, great to learn on. I shouldn't have to drive the suspension to hard with where I plan to be riding. If the power is plenty and I'm comfortable on a 230, could upgrading the suspension be a possibility?
  3. path0s

    brand new, what to pick?

    Thanks for the info, and I was just looking at the 230s. I forgot to mention, I am 24... and weight of a 230 should be no issue I don't think. I just don't want something that will overpower me, seeing as its my first time riding. Shifting shouldn't be of an issue, I've rode on old 2t 200-250cc 3 wheelers, and got a hang of it after about 5 mins.
  4. So, I've never rode before, at all. But I've had interest for quite some time. With this being said I'm looking to find a starter bike that I can learn on. I was looking at four stroke CRF100, TTR125 or DRZ125. I plan on only trail riding. Any help would be appreciated, even if its not one of the bikes I listed. I'm 5'10 150 lbs.