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  1. Saratj1

    Kx250 vs yz250f

    Everything with wheels has and will continue to be drag raced. I drag my buddies 01 cr250 against my 04 crf 250 until it's obvious who won maybe 3-400 yards, the CR gets me every time, by about two to three bike lengths. Soon as he hits power band he pulls ahead and continues pulling me the whole way.
  2. Saratj1

    99 Kdx220 vs 04 crf 250 power

    I had the r model, but I wanted the x after I found out what it was, they are just out of my price range mostly.
  3. Saratj1

    99 Kdx220 vs 04 crf 250 power

    Id say I'm intermediate, or beginner I'm not awesome on a bike doing wicked jumps and stunts. I don't want to break any bones really. I have too many responsibilities to be layed up for too long, so I don't get too crazy, but I do want to keep up with my buddies. I've rode a bike for most of my life, I'm 30. I've never raced, been to a track a few times, may go back a few more and put around hit the jumps that suit me the rest I'll roll over. I ride mostly trails, woods about 60/40 between open fields with wooded trails, then rugged trails with steep Hills that you may not make it up all the time. Very slow, tight not very cleared, lots of clutch work brake work, tipping over stalling out. The first place is close to my house. The second is a buddy so I ride my house a little more often but like my buddies place better.
  4. I just got rid of my crf and am thinking about a cheap kdx220. I loved the snappy powerful motor on the crf, the rest was just ok, not what I need. I want a more do it all type bike with lower and cheaper maintenance. The 2 stroke enduro comes to mind so what you guys think, will the kdx feel weak compared to the crf?
  5. Trying to edit my post, but that went horribly wrong
  6. I loved my gsxr, yes everyone has one and their owners don't have the best reputation, but I really enjoyed riding mine hard, not just parking lot pimping. Second thing is if you sat back in the seat rolling down the road in first and whack the throttle wide open the bike would flip if you held the throttle. No clutch no bounce. I had the basic mods pc3 exhaust, tre, - 1 front, air filter. Ect. It would stand up easy in first and with a bounce or clutch in 2nd. Third was possible but not really necessary. 600cc will flip under throttle alone I promise. An older 600 won't but a '07 and up r6 or gsxr will. I know for a fact.
  7. Not dirtbike, but something that always bothered me when I had a crotch rocket was people would ask what it was I would answer gsxr 600. Then they would reply something like well a 600 is too small for me, I'm a big guy (im6ft 200lbs)i need a 1000. I would then say a new 600cc sport bike will accelerate so fast it will flip and it will stop so fast it will flip, and tops out about 160mph. What more do you want?
  8. Saratj1

    2006 cr125 no title

    Take a pencil shading of the vin number off the steering tube to the sheriff's dept. They'll tell you if it's stolen or not
  9. Saratj1


    I don't like the r's 1st gear for tight stuff. Way tall. I know this is race inspired. But I have too work the clutch a lot on the trails I ride.
  10. Saratj1

    just pulled the trigger on a 06 250r

    Got an 04 about a month ago and I'm thinking about the same stuff myself. Like ss vs ti valves. Should I send the head off or just put new valves in. With the saved money buy the 399 big bore kit on eBay. My piston had just been replaced but should I replace it again with the head off. How long should I ride it until I tear into it . I've only had it a month I don't want it out of commission, but I don't want to turn $400 maintenance into $1000 repairs. Many questions, none are really easy. Also need rear wheel and a set of tires. Expensive little hobby we have.
  11. Saratj1

    What does powder coating help

    Gotcha didn't think about that, what about the bars, doesn't powder coating have a little texture to it?
  12. Saratj1

    What does powder coating help

    There is probably something on your bike already that's powder coated. If it's newer or has any aftermarket parts. I believe my asv Levers are powder coated for example
  13. Saratj1

    trails to ride close to nashville??

    I am in Columbia and looking for some good single track. I have truck trailer all that, getting tired of wildflower, Honda Hills is long gone.