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    Dr350 Rear shock help?!

    Hello, Just bought my first bike, a 1995 dr350 and was trying to mess with the suspension which felt too hard and too tall for me compared to other dr350's/dr250's i had ridden. Im new to bikes (and to the forums too), so i dont really know what I was doing and in my ignorance sort of messed up. Heres the problem: I was messing around with my rear shock, and as I was adjusting the rebound? knob, I backed it out too far and it blew out of the (resivour cyl?) Pic below... Sorry for the lack of technical terms and lack of knowledge here, I'm extremley good with cars, but with bikes im stumbling around in the dark. Anyway, Now that this (rebound? screw/knob) has blown out and a lot of fluid came out with it, what do i have to do to get everything back to running shape? Is it more worth it to drop $100 on a new rear shock? Any help is GREATLY appreciated, as i just want to get back out and ride