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  1. About to pull my topend on my 01 for the first time on it. It's hard to believe that there is other 01s with stock topend still on them.
  2. Doing a rebuild on my 01 right now. I'm hoping I don't have to put a bottom end on it. How much was sending the topend out with shipping and the work?
  3. Ok cool thank you guys. I'm have had this bike in storage for 4 years. I'm hoping it just the top end. Going to go over everything. From the carb to the front end. Plus some upgrades on the way.
  4. Ok people have been saying oem is the best to go with on the piston. For the 01. Is there an online shop that sales a oem top end rebuild kit. I'm just finding wisecow kits.
  5. Man that bike looks good. I have the same model bike there a blast to ride. Your going to love riding it.
  6. Man that bike looks good. I have the same model bike there a blast to ride. Your go
  7. The seat was a after market ceet cover. And that was in bad shape.
  8. Didn't get the bike. There was a long lest of stuff needing to be fixed. The guy had a 250 gas tank on it. He was trying to melt the stock to so it wouldnt leak. No kill button and right before we started to talk money after we road the bike he told me I should check for coolant. I told him 1400. Because there is about 400 bucks that needs to go in the bike and about 30 hours of work to get it track ready.
  9. I have never been on kx5 before. I have been wanting one for a long time. I haven't kicked over a big bike in about 8 years and that was my dad atk 605.
  10. Here is the link I can't get a picture to post on here from my phone.
  11. Thinking about buying a 02 kx 500. A guy is selling his bike for $1900. There is some after market parts on it. But not much. Is that a good price for it?