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  1. Well I have been looking around and I talked to my local dealer and they said 7000 for 2013 kx450f out the door and a 2013 crf450r 7600 out the door. I am going to wait for the 2014 to get in stock and then decide on what bike I want but the kx450f doesn't sound to bad for 7000 out the door. Wait and see about another month till my local dealer gets all of 2014 models in stock.
  2. One of my buddies blew up his 2 stroke motor and it cost him $800 to get It fixed ... Either way 2 or 4 stroke need a deep pocket for motocross...
  3. Pro circuit's high compression piston is $250-300 I believe and a 2 stroke pistons are about in the same price range....
  4. Yeah couple friends ride ktms and they say nothing but good things about them
  5. I want a bike with enough power but not to much... Ktm 350sxf or maybe a Honda crf450r... But the new Suzuki and yamaha's aren't bad looking but yet again if I get crf450r I can get a killer deal from my local dealer... Work my butt off this summer and get a bike! I will most likely getting 450 because I just don't know enough about ktms 350 sxf... If I got a 2 smoke it'd be cheaper for sure but I am going to checkout all new bikes that are coming out.... Wait and see... Honda,Yamaha, & KTM all have contingency programs that are pretty good... I just don't want to get a bike that I will hate..
  6. I don't want another 2-stroke.. 4-stroke's has always been my favorite but i haven't ridden in atleast 2 or 3 years so bikes have got alot better. Ktm 2 strokes are pretty nice bikes.. I just want to but the right bike. I am a 4 stroke guy. I have only owned one 2-stroke which i didn't like...
  7. I have never rode a four stroke 250 or 450 before.. i use to race desert a couple years ago and now i want to make the switch to motocross... im honda guy but i also like the 2013 ktm 250 sxf..my last bike was a yamaha 125 which was to small of a motor for me but i weigh 205lbs and im 5'10.. which bike is best to get or maybe even a 450.. idk..