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  1. I am working this weekend, so I went ahead and did a little work on the Northwest Ballon Loop yesterday. We started at the Northwest Trailhead off FM1791 and worked towards the trail intersection. We didn't quite get that far, we stopped right before the second pond. There was a very large new, still green, tree that had fallen across the trail I believe somewhere between the ponds that was too big of a job for me, my wife, and 10 yr. old son to handle. Just a word of advise, be sure your chainsaw sharpening tools fit your chain. I bought the wrong ones the first time, and apparently the second time as well. I had a spare chain, but instead of small, very manigable logs, due to the dull chains, we had bigger, less manigable logs. But, we still got about 6 trees bucked and other smaller face slappers. There was still more that I could have done that we passed, but it wasn't impeding the trail. My son on his CRF 70 was able to go over everything we left. Again, there is still some left to do, but we ran out of daylight and only cleared stuff that we were able to clear and that we were not able to get over with his bike. Hope y'all don't get too wet!
  2. Thanks for the tip. I'll have to look for it next time. Defintley would have made for a better ride going around the mud pits!
  3. Anyone able to ride tomorrow?
  4. This may be old news, but Kelly's Pond Trail between bridge #35 and FM 1375 had two very deep and wide mud holes. That was my first time down that side of the trail, need less to say, I don't plan on taking that section of trail again unless it gets extremely dry. Friday, we started off at the 208 trail head and took the Woodpecker Trail to the Honeymoon Trail, then south on Kelly's Pond Trail to Kelly's Pond Trailhead. There were some muddy spots on these trails, but nothing too serious. Besides the 15 minutes we spent getting everyone through those two big mud holes, it was a great ride. EDIT: That area with the mud holes looked like a low lying area that would always hold water. Is there a bypass around those mud holes that I missed? If not, we could sure use one.
  5. Texas

    I'm glad you had a good experience. Hopefully no one else has an experience like mine.
  6. Texas

    Monk, I understand your point and see that there were some unnessecary things added to the story, but it was a rise of passion moment and I just wrote what I was feeling at the time. So, if that offended you, I apologize. I agree that if they sent what was ordered and it did not fit, I would have no problem with them whatsoever if they did not want to refund one red cent. However, they did not send what was ordered and there in started the issue. KTM_Pat, sorry you feel like that. I was never good at putting my thoughts down very well. Sorry it sounded childish to you, once again, I apologize. EagleFreak, I'm sure my experience is in the minority, in fact I'm positive it is or I'm sure they'd be out of business. Your chances of getting what you ordered or at least agreed to are pretty high. Like I said, this was a rise of passion, might have sounded silly, had unnessecary details included, but is 100% true. Take it or leave it, just shared my experience, if you don't like it, once again, I apologize.
  7. Texas

    Absolutley no joke. I wish it was. Like I said, I also ordered SG10's with no issue but, the helmet exchange was quite the fiasco. I'm sure this is a rare experience with all the business they do but, it was my experience and something I didn't expect from a big company. What did you see wrong with the story? Maybe I can clarify something for you.
  8. Conroe is real close and they have hotels. If you have any women folk in the group, The Woodlands is close and has nice places to stay, good eatin', and shopping. There may be some cabins available, but I personally don't know of any. Google....
  9. Texas

    Moderators...if this belongs somewhere else, please move it. I couldn't find a gear review section. Thanks. If you are thinking about buying from Extreme Supply, you need to read this before you do! If you don’t and still buy from them and get took, it’s your own fault! Don’t say I didn’t warn you! I know it's long and not everyone has this experience, but this was mine. I do note at the end of this that 1 out of 2 was a good experience for what it's worth. There are two sides to every story, so let me give you mine and if anyone at Extreme Supply feels like chiming in and telling their side, this is an open forum, have at it…. My Mother ordered me a Fox Racing V2 Empire II helmet from Extreme Supply back in early November for Christmas. This was a closeout item. She ordered a size medium, which the website showed they had in stock. The helmet gets here and is wrapped and set under the tree. Christmas party at Mom’s house rolls around, December 21 or there about, and I open the present to find the helmet. I put the helmet on and quickly notice that something is not right. The base of the shell won’t come down far enough to cover my ear lobes. After further examination, the shell size was an extra small and the bunched up liner inside was a medium. Immediately, I contact Extreme Supply and a man by the name of Armando answers the phone. I explain the situation and we work it out to where I get a return authorization number. Their policy is no exchanges or returns on closeout items, which I would have been fine with had I received what I order in the first place. So, I pay $35 to ship the helmet back to Extreme Supply. After talking with Armando again, which at this point in my mind is still a nice and helpful fella, I try and order a more expensive helmet, also on closeout (I could not simply exchange the helmet for the size needed because they were now out of stock). The new helmet I had picked out was listed as in stock on their website, he still has to call the manufacturer and see if it is available. It was New Year’s Eve and the manufacturer was closed, so he writes himself a note and says he will call back first thing on the 2nd and gives me a call back to let me know what he finds out about the helmet availability. Come Thursday, I call to find Armando has vacation. No problem, he’ll call me first thing Friday. Well Friday, I finally call back around 2 o’clock or so and he says he still needs to call the manufacturer. Okay, at that point, after all the hassle, I just want a refund. So, he says he can “pull some strings” in accounting and get me a refund, acting like this would be some big favor. The real kicker to me in this whole deal is when I ask for not only the helmet cost to be refunded, but the shipping cost I had to pay to send it back; he says he couldn’t do that (originally he was going to give me $20 off my next helmet to help with the shipping cost). I explain to him that during this time I’ve called Fox and the tech there said that on the V2 series the shell and liners are NOT interchangeable, so clearly it is not my fault that I was sent the wrong thing. He quickly says “Well, it’s not our fault either.” Are you kidding me? I have a wrong helmet and the people, who sent it to me, whether it came from a drop shipper or wherever, are not responsible? At this point, Armando has turned into one of the worst sales managers, that’s right, SALES MANAGER, that I have ever dealt with. How could you not take the blame for sending the customer something wrong? After the refund is made to my Mother’s card, I call back and guess who answers…that’s right, Armando. Well, having already dealt with him and getting the treatment I received, I asked for the big boss, store manager, the big guy, top dog, the one in charge…you get the picture. He asks for my name and I tell him that it is irrelevant, that I have already dealt with him and that I got nowhere with him and need to talk to his boss. He continually asks for my name which I never give. After going back and forth several times, the name I do give him is “Sam I Am.” Needless to say that didn’t get me to the guy in charge either. At this point, I took a step back, in my mind, and thought to myself…I’m arguing with this unprofessional sales manager over $35. I make more than that in one hour at work. This is really not that big of a deal. So I hung up. About 30 min. later my Mother calls me. She said that none other than Armando called her back and asked her to please talk to me about calling up there and being rude to him. I am 30 yrs. old, married for 10 yrs., and have two children ages 9 and 8. I thought I was past the era of people I dealt with calling my Mother and tattle-telling saying I’m being rude. Like I said, this guy was extremely unprofessional. They probably couldn’t connect this dot but, I also steered someone else through them to buy me some Gaerne SG10’s, which thank goodness were right the first time. I couldn’t imagine dealing with them over anything else. So, there are probably more competent people at Extreme Supply other than Armando, and I hate to smear everyone there with this, but Armando gave me no choice when he did not put me through to his boss. Obviously he knew it was me, else he wouldn’t have called my Mother back and told on me. And, if there is more than one person that I influence to not buy from them, it cost Extreme Supply way more than $35. Not a smart move Armando, not smart at all. Also, in case you were wondering if I ever got a helmet, I did. Fly F2 Carbon Andrew Short edition from Rocky Mountain ATV MC. Got it on closeout, and the gentleman at Rocky Mountain ATV MC said even though it was on closeout, if the helmet didn’t fit, or something as silly as didn’t match my bike, I could send it back one time for FREE! Didn’t need to though, ordered a medium and that is exactly what I got. And, IT FIT! Great company to deal with. So, if you are feeling lucky, go on and order from them and worry every night you go to bed until it arrives at your doorstep as to whether or not it will be right, because if it’s not, it’s not your fault that it’s wrong and it’s not theirs either!
  10. Just to be clear, I was only saying that night trail riding is ALLOWED. I would not say I recommend it unless on an ATV and with a good GPS. I'd imagine at night, all the trees look alike and I personally wouldn't want to be stuck out there at night on a bike with poor lighting and no GPS....just my .02.
  11. We stayed out later than we anticipated one time when we rode the east side and ended up having to do the same thing. We weren't as lucky. Got pulled over and luckily the Ranger was a very nice guy and explained the rules to us. Didn't know that was against the rules. It was second trip out there. The other thing he told us was that they don't close the gates at night. You can ride at night with headlights and taillights. Got that from the horses mouth.
  12. I have the MU annual pass as well and asked the lady at the counter about parking and she said the annual pass covered it, no need for anything else. I guess if they see a vehicle parked and no green tag they just assume the person has an annual pass?
  13. I would love to make the meeting and go riding with everyone, sadly, I am working that weekend, when is the next meeting?
  14. I'll be riding at Rio Bravo. They have a nice day track as well as trails. I have not rode the trails there yet, but now seems like a good time to try 'em. I wonder if anyone is going around the fences at SHNF? Or finding some obscure place to park and get on the trails...
  15. Well, we went out riding Friday on the west trail. It took us about 5 hours with a bunch of stopping and cooling down to do it, but we got it done. My brother and I came close to heat stroke levels and dehydration, but we made it out without major incident. I did hit a tree a low speed and bent the front brake rotor, dropped the bike three times (more like slowly put it on the ground), but no personal injuries to report and just the brake rotor and pads to fix. I guess for my first time out there riding and riding a total of close to 30 miles, that isn't too bad, could have been worse I guess. Riding in the sand was the hardest. That's what caused me to go off course and hit the tree. All in all, a good time and I will go again, but I think I'll buy the largest Camelbak they sell and choose a shorter trail. I'll ask again, Kelly's Pond better than the west side trail? Less sand, fallen trees, etc.?