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  1. 100 indicated? - so probly like 92 haha
  2. Is there any reason you make a post about how you need to slow down, and then spend the entire time being a dick to people with poor English who are just looking out for you?
  3. 3x3 and jets is easiest cheapest hp. If you want more after that go for an fcr39 and an exhaust. Next step up is bigbore + hot cams. First mod should probably be a new seat if you plan on commuting - check out seat concepts. You could also get a lower seat if you need it, just has lower profile foam. If you are worried about throttle response there are short throw throttle tubes, I find a properly lubed tube / cable works just fine though. For highway commuting get new sprockets. I am running stock sm gearing but you could easily drop teeth front or rear for easier cruising. 14/38 is fairly common for that. Cheers
  4. Nope. Its a clip on connection just need a pair of needle nose pliers to place the clip. FYI when you put the clip on grab it from the back and the most rearward piece of the chain link. If you try to push the clip on using the farther piece of the chain link and the back of the clip you put extra pressure on the clip and it can snap. Goodluck
  5. Chain is more expensive than when I bought it but here are the links:
  6. learn to bump start XD
  7. bought an '05 with 14k miles for 3k needed chain sprocket etc. so yes. good deal
  8. Just ordered a JT sprocket set 15/41 and a DID x ring chain on Amazon for $100. Schwing!
  9. Thanks for the reply. What are gonna be the differences between x, o, and standard chains like the three below? Big differences in price, but what am I buying for the extra scrilla?|520%20110%20Chain&WT.MC_ID=10010
  10. Hello all, I am a new TT member and I am looking to replace my sprockets and chain on my 05' DRZ400SM after my chain mysteriously snapped (Back story: I was riding over some covered train tracks and I felt the rear tire slip and then no power. Pulled off and found a cleanly broken chain not at the master &%$#@!!) I am planning to stick with 15/41 sprockets and I want to confirm that I will want a 110 link chain. The big question is how much should pay and what type of chain should I get (x-ring o-ring normal?). Below are the best deals I have found I would love to get some feedback. Thanks|520%20110%20Chain&WT.MC_ID=10010