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  1. Don't know where to post this but they came off my drz sold the bike with street tires and the buyer did notwant these there for sale Iin southern california region send me a mesage 21/18 Black and gold takasago excel rims with the g2 pro sseries hubs
  2. Well guess I will just save for the mrd exhaust whats only a couple hundres more apreciate it
  3. Down at the beach near s.d Have anround 250-300
  4. Title sais it all I have a 06S who's got spare parts lying aroind
  5. Thanks appreciate it
  6. I was told the same by an older gentleman who has a couple z's how hard is that fix ?
  7. It's dripping from the lower part of the carb, I'm no mech so I don't know if the problem is easy to fix or not, it's not bad but I hate the smell of gas after I ride to work n back any advice (no loss in power)