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    KX250F 2009 - Diesel in the tank

    Haven't had the time yet (the bike is 3hrs drive away) but the suggestions made is what I was thinking of doing. I will send an update when done. Thanks for the input Cheers
  2. peterpan14

    KX250F 2009 - Diesel in the tank

    Gday, My 09 KX250F was filled up with Diesel whilst I was away. The toy stay's at a farm and has unfortunately had an accidental Diesel treatment from my brother in law..... Long story short, the bike ran out of fuel (95 Petrol) and was then 1/4 filled up with Diesel. There was no Petrol left in the tank (ran dry) so all the fuel in the system is/was Diesel now - no Petrol/Diesel mix. Not knowing what he did, my BIL tried to kick- and roll start it seveal times without success obviously. He later on figured out what he has done and immediately removed the Diesel in the tank and refilled it with 95 Petrol again, however it wont start anymore. Could someone please advise which steps should be taken to fix the issue. I would assume the Diesel shouldnt have caused any harm to the engine, correct? The bike was a reasonable starter before (5 kicks max when cold) and had no other issues known to me. Appreciate your help. Cheers