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  1. Dr650Sect

    questions about a 1992 dr 650

    Alright guys could use some information that im sure yall are well educated on, a few years ago i owned a 2003 dr650, i sold it to my brother inwhich of course he sold. so here i am 2 years later about to have an old 1992 dr650. i know they used completely different motors and such between those years the big change i believe being in 96? correct me if i'm wrong. but i want to build the 92 up nicely but im having trouble finding anything that fits it, exhausts headlights ect ect ect. Basically my question is will aftermarket exhausts like the two brother v.a.l.e fit this old girl if not how do i go about purchasing aftermarket mods for it? thanks in advanced!
  2. Dr650Sect

    Sputtering 4th 5th gear

    Hows it going yall, alright so i've got a dr650 with a two brothers exhaust jetted and air box modded, it has 13k miles on it. 11k when i bought it. recently i cleaned out the carb when i dropped it in sand multiple times, so following a video instructed walkthrough. i took it apart cleaned it turned the air fuel mixture 2 turns out through it back on the bike, now for the past few days ive been adjusting it like crazy but cant seem to get rid of a nasty sputter after 45 mph in both 4th and 5th gear. 1st through 3rd are perfect dont feel a thing but after that its all down hill. ive had the carb apart 6 times after this trying to figure out what the heck happened but im out of ideas. its got a 155 main jet and 40 pilot. any thoughts would help thanks
  3. Dr650Sect

    alright guys lets see ur dr's! put up some pics!

    His name is thor just did a few little mods to him
  4. How's it going y'all me and my buddy riding a dr650 and a xr650 are looking for some dual sport riders around the area to ride with. Where are y'all at?