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  1. crashnrondo

    rust protection for the muffler and head pipe?

    I'm not talking about painting it, when I picked it up it looked like it had been rubbed down with oil or something. I'm looking to keep that same shiny apperance. Thanks
  2. Is there anything you can wipe on the muffler and head pipe to protect if from rust, it looks nice and shinny now but a few more trip[s in the mud will take care of that.
  3. crashnrondo

    TPS adjustment?

    Thanks bronco, that's exactly what I was looking for.
  4. crashnrondo

    TPS adjustment?

    I did the DJ 3x3 mod this weekend and I removed the TPS instead of unplugging it , how do you adjust it corectly? Thanks
  5. I getting ready for the DJ 3x3 mod and I want all the parts in my handswhen I start, does anyone know the hex head screw size for the 4 screws that hold the float bowl cover on? Thanks
  6. crashnrondo

    Fuel filter on S model?

    Do they cause problems? Should I remove it? Thanks
  7. crashnrondo

    Fuel filter on S model?

    I've got the KLX 400SR and it came with a inline fuel filter from the dealer, it looks like an after thought. Is this normal/stock? I know on my KLR a filter did nothing but cause problems. Thanks for the info
  8. crashnrondo

    New owner with some questions-long

    Do you mean Atkins Thanks for all the help, this board is great!
  9. crashnrondo

    New owner with some questions-long

    bronco 78, are those numbers from MX Tech? I went to there website, entered the info for bike and rider and it gave me 43510xx for the fork springs and mxt xx/50 for the rear. Do the numbers you gave me go in place of the xx? Thanks again for the help.
  10. crashnrondo

    New owner with some questions-long

    Thursday a 03 KLX 400sr will be following me home, from what I have read here on TT I have some great expectations for this bike. I'm coming off a KLR 650 that I made as dirt worthy as possible with Progressive front and rear springs and MT 21's. The new bike is rolling off the floor with MT21's, I'm doing the DJ 3x3 mod, skid plate, case sheilds, and rad guards. Anything I'm missing? My riding is 80% trails and dirt some minor tracks. Do I need to replace the springs on this bike? I'm a big guy a 6'4 260 pounds. One last thing, on the Kientech extended needle is the amount of turns out the same as the stock needle? Sorry for the long post-Crash