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  1. mattgreg

    Need some fork help

    Thanks bdeemo. I'll look up the usd conversion.
  2. mattgreg

    Need some fork help

    Just got a 02' 650L and love the BRP. PO just installed some new Kenda 270's front and back. My big question is the front end seems really squirrely. A lot of up and down vibration And the forks seems week and the make a clanking sound when you pull up on the bars. Bike has 5500 miles on it. Do you think the forks need serviced? I don't know much about suspension so forgive me if I say something stupid. I did remove the forks and one seems softer than other? Any thing else to look for?
  3. mattgreg

    New to me XR650L Need advice

    :thumbsup:Took on the side panel and runs better, so off to ebay I go for a air filter. I agree on the pumper carb, but will have to wait. Thanks guys for all the help.
  4. mattgreg

    New to me XR650L Need advice

    Thanks Scott, I'll try that today. It doesn't have the snorkel in the intake. PO must have removed it. but it does just have a stock filter.
  5. mattgreg

    New to me XR650L Need advice

    O.K. got the desmog kit on and it really smoothed out the throttle. I've read where there should not have been any performance gains, but really felt like there was. Bike was still cutting out at WOT in 5th. So I ordered some jets from Jet-R-us and installed a 55 and 155 to start with. Finished all the Dave's mods. and shimmed the needle .020"... Bike starts good, and is a beast on the first 4 gears, but still wants to cut out in 5 unless I take it slow on acceleration. Mixture screw is out 2 1/4 turns...Any thoughts? Also, bike has a tendency to die when coasting unless I rev it a couple times after engaging clutch. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Matt
  6. mattgreg

    New to me XR650L Need advice

    I know this may open a can of worms but what Jet kit would be a good place to start?
  7. mattgreg

    New to me XR650L Need advice

    Thanks! I'll start with balancing the front tire. I forgot to mention I wanted to desmog it and at that time would it be worth it to do the air box mods? And at what point do I need to do the Dave mods / rejet?
  8. Just picked up a 2002 XR650L with 5K miles. Bone Stock with brand new tires and in good shape overall. Previous owner only put 100 miles on it last year. My big question is where do I start. I'm not interested in tons of power, but would like to smooth the throttle out. Tends to stumble. Also I notice a lot of front end vibration..not so much side to side but vertical...Is this normal or do I need to rebuild the front end? I don't know much about the front shocks so any help would be much appreciated. Thanks