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  1. vulcanduro

    W.E.R. Aftermarket DRZ suspension.

    I hope you know that I was just kidding Hairy Dirt Man.Thanks for replying
  2. vulcanduro

    W.E.R. Aftermarket DRZ suspension.

    No reply. Damn you,hairy dirt man
  3. vulcanduro

    Anyone use aftermarket xr100 cdi?

    The Guys on the crf230 have seen good gains after installing cheap cdi units .Are there any that have been Proven on the xr100?
  4. vulcanduro

    W.E.R. Aftermarket DRZ suspension.

    Hairy dirt man is this still available?
  5. vulcanduro

    WR250F to XR250-400

  6. vulcanduro

    WR250F to XR250-400

    I was a bit disappointed with my wr250f at first.It stalled much easier in the woods than an xr.It needed to be ridden more aggressively to go fast. After installing a 290cc piston, it made a lot more bottom end torque .More than my drz 400.It's much easier to use it in slow technical terrain.The yamaha engine has been as reliable as an xr.
  7. vulcanduro

    Stroker Crank Question

    Thankyou for creating and sharing this document .
  8. vulcanduro

    Replace valve seals with engine still in bike?

    I did not realize that the gasket is re usable. Thanks for the info
  9. vulcanduro

    Replace valve seals with engine still in bike?

    It did get new seals. I was surprised to see it smoking so soon.Could they get damaged from high engine temps?I raced the xr in a muddy hare scramble. It got very hot
  10. I had my xr280 cylinder head professionally rebuilt .Kibble white oversized valves,mild port clean up.Much faster than stock 250 After about 4 tanks of gas,it's smoking at start up.I would like to replace the valve seals without removing engine. Anyone have info as to where I can purchase a suitable valve spring compressor? I can fab up something from an old sparkplug to fill the cylinder with compressed air. Any information would be appreciated
  11. vulcanduro

    Three CRF230 Projects

    Is that a dr650 in the background?
  12. vulcanduro

    Tire decision Knobby-Trials-Hybrid????

    I noticed that its tall height adds cushion to the rear suspension.The mt 43 is the longest lasting rear that ive tried.
  13. vulcanduro

    Exposed air filter, is this normal?

    I used a 24mm carb from a crf 150f .Im not sure if it is as good as atc 200x carb,but it works well,fits the stock manifold and airbox ,and is 25 years newer. You guys are lucky to live in such an arid climate.Nice xr!That bike would have rust on the areas were the paint has rubbed off up here.Our frames rust from the inside out.
  14. I picked up an xr 80 that needs new tires.The only 2.50 16 front that i can find is a cheng shin that is described as a front/rear tire.Are there any other options?Thanks for any info