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  1. I bought the powroll 95cc.That 80 ripped!It was quicker than a stock crf150f
  2. Did you use emulators or do any damper rod modifications?Were the 250 forks better than the 200 forks?Are they much heavier?I wouldnt want to sacrifice any of the light flickable feeling of the 200.
  3. Ive got an eye out for a set of 85 xr 250 forks and front wheel with disc for another 200 that i have.The one im currently working on will need to be equipped with drum brakes to qualify for vintage racing. I will call cannon.Thanks for the help
  4. Do you remember what rate they were?The xr200 is pretty light.Wouldnt want to go too stiff..42 worked good on my xr250.Not sure what the stock springs are.Thanks for the reply
  5. Do you have any photos of that old woods weapon?
  6. Im setting up 1986 suspension on an xr200.I have used progressive springs on my other 200.Does anyone else offer springs for the 200?Hoping to try straight rate.Are there any springs that work on the rear shock that are a bit stiffer?Thankyou
  7. Carb is gone to an xr 400 owner.
  8. I have a bsr 42 from my dr650.I dont want to throw it away,will give it to anyone interested.You pay shipping from niagara falls ny. I dont understand how they work so well on xr400?My 650 runs much better now that its been swapped for an fcr39.Huge difference
  9. Ive been reading your extensive crf230 informafion.Its very impressive.

    I like the tips regarding monkey butt prevention.I learned the hard way about sitting on seams of undergarments while riding to central america.

    A product for cyclists called shea butter is effective.I took your advice and ordered a few pairs of the baleaf cycle shorts.

    Thankyou for sharing your knowledge

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. RedMesa


      I added a picture comparing the Skiveez and Baleaf briefs

    3. vulcanduro


      Its going to take a little while to read all of your info.Definetly a massive amount of research and development.Reminds me of Vincent Crabtree's documents regarding the xr 200.

      Thankyou for sharing!

    4. RedMesa


      It's a lot. Currently 268 pages. Too much for a lot of folks so I'm glad you find it useful and let me know.

  10. Nice dr650.Bruce does nice rod mods on those aswell
  11. I have a works shock that i felt was a nice improvement.Good to know that the Hagen compared equally . Thanks for the info.
  12. Could you explain the limitations that you experienced with the hagon?I am considering purchasing one from Bruce
  13. Thanks for the tip.I didnt know that there was a competition manual.I found one for my xr250 for $20