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  1. Beautiful bike!They don't look like that on the damp east coast
  2. Xr 400s are becoming increasingly difficult to find here in Ontario Canada . Owners keep them. Maybe consider a drz400e ? No, not quite as good as an xr400 for off road , but very commonly found at a good deal.Great engine.Very reliable and low maintenance too.
  3. Socal , keep us posted on your friends progress.I am looking for a shock upgrade for my 100.
  4. Good to know that Bruce is very familiar with Works products .He modified set of rods for my dr650 that made a very big improvement . A really nice guy too.Thanks
  5. Sadly , Works Performance is closed . I have a couple of (excellent )shocks by Works.Wondering if anyone else has the parts to service them?
  6. Interesting point regarding your 200 powered rm being quicker than the xr250 . I have considered xr200 cr125 project . Not sure if cr chassis would be any better for my use(woods) than the smaller , tight turning 200.I like it's small stature.Have avoided swapping to a heavier front fork because didn't want to loose any flick ability . It's like riding a larger xr100. Thanks again,Chuck .The scope of your knowledge regarding the xr bikes never ceases to amaze me!
  7. Perfect ! Thank you , Al for the quick response
  8. Setting up a 2000 xr100 for adult dirt track racing . Have a set of 1984 cr80 forks .They are commonly used to upgrade the 100 since they bolt straight on. I know it's a long shot , but would anyone know the oil level in these units ?
  9. Did the fmf muffler provide much improvement to the performance of the machine ?
  10. Niagara Falls . I'm near Toronto . The used motorcycle market is full of good deals . Often bikes from the city that are only used occasionally at the cottage can be had.
  11. Wasn't aware that the 86 xr 250 chassis was same as 85 200.I know that the 85 xr200 that I have is smaller than my 2004 xr250 . I wouldn't have a problem parting with one of my 200s,but you'd have to come up to Canada !
  12. I have a 1985 xr200 roller as well . Got an eye out for a 1986 to 1995 xr250 engine as it will drop in directly .An xr 200 with a 280 engine will be a a fun machine
  13. A couple of 2000 xr 200.They can be found for cheap on craigslist occasionally.No engines .
  14. Have a few xr200 rolling chassis . Also have a atc 200 bottom end.Considering completing the atc engine with an xr top end that has a decent 10.25:1 wiseco .Could this setup still work with pullstart? Would be a good machine to carry a chainsaw for trail clearance