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  1. vulcanduro

    Tusk Replacement Clutch - Who has run them?

    Not so fast,Fred.I demand factual ,detailed scientific data to support your claim.How dare you ,Fred Wendel.
  2. I have an engine apart.Would love to put a stroked crank in it.Ive read that stepped pins are available. Is there anyone that i could send a crank to and have one installed? Since industry dried up around my area many years ago,there arent skilled machine shop operating any more
  3. vulcanduro

    Any XR200 Performance Parts Available?

    Mine ran really well with 10.25:1 piston and Web 40a cam.It works with oem valve springs.Nice increase in low end torque and revved out to a higher top end than stock. Really nice in the woods. Could chug down to a lower rpm than stock without stalling when climbing hills.I'd put money in to a cam purchase before an exhaust. I didn't notice a big difference with xrs only header. I'm running a stock engine currently and can really notice the difference.Much less torque.
  4. vulcanduro

    Another Craigslist find. 2000 XR80R project

    We installed a 95cc piston in my daughters xr 80.No cylinder sleeve necessary.It flew after that.She got a crf150f next.It wasn't as quick as that 80.If you nend a new piston, try the big bore
  5. vulcanduro

    XRs Only Exhaust for 1983 XR200R

    Chuck I have xrs only header.How much work is it to fit crf 250x muffler?
  6. vulcanduro

    Team Rude

    I hope Terry makes enough money while hes away to continue with running Powroll.
  7. vulcanduro

    XR200R Seat Cover Recommendations

    I use hi flite aswell.Very high quality and fit well
  8. I know it's an old bike,bit it still rips.Which yz mufflers bolt on? Thanks
  9. vulcanduro

    exhaust, pipes and jetting

    I would focus on carburetor upgrade before exhaust. The full Yoshi TRS system that was installed on my previous drz400e did make a huge improvement. It was loud,even at idle. Afterwards, I could beat my buddy's yz400 in a dragrace every time.The engine reved so freely that it would find the rev limiter quickly.Wheelies were much easier. I switched to an fmf q with powerbomb header due to sound check at local harescramble. That system was much quieter but not even close to the performance of the yosh.It was only a minor improvment over stock. Now I run powerbomb header with stock e muffler. I found that for my eastern terrain the drz400e motor stock is more than enough
  10. vulcanduro

    exhaust, pipes and jetting

    I dont visit this page as often as before.Whats with the slanderous reference to Burned? He just did an excellent job on my suspension.Fast and great price.No problems.Sorry to read negative feed back.
  11. It is time to freshen up the top end on my wr250f. It's had a 290 athena for a about 2000 miles.It still runs great but has seen a lot of use. The pistons come in A B and C oversizes.How much larger is each size?How do I choose which?
  12. vulcanduro

    Bored and tired of the XR, sell or modify?

    Has this swap been done successfully?
  13. vulcanduro

    facts on the new CRF250f

    If that is the correct weight(265), I'd have to pass.
  14. vulcanduro

    We are up to 8

    I've seen one or two crf230 at every harescramble this year.