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  1. Time Left: 6 days and 20 hours

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    Good condition


  2. I have a vapor that came in a box of used parts.It works but has no wire harness .If its of any use, you can have it for cost of shipping.
  3. I googled "carburador xlx350r" I found a few buy and sell sites that had several carbs.It wasnt ebay,but a Brasilian auction site quite similar.Purchased a clean one for under $100.
  4. The drum brake is fine.Mine easily locks up the front wheel.
  5. Interested in purchasing one
  6. Did the ignition make a noticable difference?

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    No scratches or dings.Used on street ridden 400s.


  8. We are discussing fluids used in old style damper rod forks.They havent been used by professional racers since the 1970s.An engineer should realize that
  9. Backyarder?I beleive that Bruce was the suspension tech for Kawaski's factory mx team

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    Excellent condition,no dings or scratches


  11. Cogent tranformed the shock on my dr650,good suggestion
  12. Possibly Hagon has something for your 350
  13. Hey Oregon rider thanks for posting this info...11 years ago! I found a pd pumper from an xlx350 on ebay brasil.Its jetted to your specs and works perfectly on my xr280.The bike wheelies effortlessly just by blipping the throttle ,and pulls much harder.Starts easily hot or cold.I wouldnt have installed it without your info.Thankyou
  14. Thankyou
  15. Currently fitting a pumper carb from a brazil made honda xlx 350r to my xr250.It works very well,bike wheelies instantly.Ive ordered an xr400 airboot but need to make a spacer to adapt to pumper carb. Does anyone have an xr 400 carb that they could measure the outside diameter of the inlet so that i can get to work on a spacer ?Any help would be appreciated .