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  1. CY_in_CA

    Quick chain question

    I usually run the DID ERT2 on my kids race bikes, but just recently purchased a Primary Drive gold chain from Rocky Mountain ATV. I read a lot of reviews about it, some good some not so good, but thought I'd try it on one of our bikes. It's been holding up pretty good, not a lot of stretch. Good for the money.
  2. CY_in_CA

    2011 kxf250 tps

    We're on our second '11 250F. No problems with the first one with about 40 hours. The new one is around 12 hours and my son crashed last week, and broke the tps. We've searched everywhere for a replacement. They're back ordered from Kawi. The 450 uses the same part, but it's really protected. The 250F has the tps in a pretty bad spot. The problem I have is how can you race a bike with a part like that out in the open, and then when it brakes you can't find the part anywhere?
  3. CY_in_CA

    cr85 or 150r

    What kind of riding do you do? Do you race? If so, you may want to understand the rules regarding 150's in the age classes. The 150 is a great bike, but I believe kids are better off riding 2 strokes until they can wind out the 2 strokes. My oldest son just turned 16 and we just now moved him to a 4 stroke. He's a better rider because of it.
  4. CY_in_CA

    Military sending me to UT - Hit me up with what's good

    First of all, welcome to Utah! The Ogden track you're talking about is called OCA, it's just north of Ogden. There was another track called Ogden Raceway, but it's gone now. Definitely look at Motoutah.com as that's probably the best site for info. There are several series you can run, and racing pretty much most weekends at one track or another. However, sometimes you have to drive a bit to get to the races.
  5. CY_in_CA


    try cmaracing.com and mutantmotorsports.com. Both have or have had races out at the GP track.
  6. Any suggestions on riding locations between Utan and Nor Cal? I'd like to find a good spot that would be about half way between the two. Perahps somewhere between Winnemuca or Elko. Any kind of terrain would be ok, just nothing to technical. Also, are there any MX tracks out there?
  7. CY_in_CA

    What's the riding like around Austin?

    Looking for info on riding around Austin area. I've been out there a couple of times in the last month and wondering what the riding is like if we were to live there. We mostly ride tracks and race mx and ax. But I'm interested in trails too.
  8. CY_in_CA

    Riding Near Provo

    The easy answer is YES, there's plenty of riding near Provo. But, the real question is what kind of riding are you looking for? Desert Single Track Mx Tell us more, and we'll direct you where you need to go. Let us know when you'll be here, and maybe we can meet up for a ride.
  9. CY_in_CA

    Riding near Draper- Help!

    MrMoto, I'm near you (AF Canyon), and I'd love to tag along on one of your evening rides. We typically ride up behind Alpine, or when we load the trailer, we go to a track. So if I can join in, I'd love to learn what and where up AF.
  10. CY_in_CA

    Delta Race in March?

    Do you know who is promoting this event? I've seen nothing official about it.
  11. CY_in_CA

    Delta Race in March?

    Anyone know about a race in Delta in March? I've heard some rumors, but have no real details. I heard something about a GP style race, splitting between the track and desert. Also, I heard there's going to be a team race.
  12. CY_in_CA

    Can you buy KX450F Engine?

    Take a look at the classified ads in Cycle News. Someone is selling various 450 motors, KXF included. No idea what it would cost...
  13. CY_in_CA

    New Track in Salt Lake City

    I got a response from my email. They are building the track on the RMR premises. They expect it to be a 1 mile mx track. Sounds like they'll have regular practice and racing, though still waiting for more info on that. Great to see another track in the area.
  14. CY_in_CA

    New Track in Salt Lake City

    I was out of town and just saw this. Did anyone attend? What's the deal? This could be great news!
  15. CY_in_CA

    kx450f top triple clamp....

    Have you tried Tag Metals? Their website doesn't show the KX450 yet, but try calling them. They got great products. I'm considering going to Tag clamps and bars.