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  1. ttr125smms120

    1999 YZ125 silencers

    i have the FMF shorty on my '99 and it's the new school look..i think it depends on which silencer you ordered
  2. ttr125smms120

    125 or 250

    not to hi-jack the thread or anything, but whereabouts are you in CT?
  3. ttr125smms120

    Whose up for Thomaston Dam tomorrow?

    Hey guys, me and my buddy Brandon should be up at the dam tomorrow morning. Anyone else going and want to meet up?
  4. ttr125smms120

    2009 ktm pics!!!

    interesting, the 125 EXC and 200 EXC look strikingly similar (its the same picture, look at the side panel)
  5. ttr125smms120

    Meriden Ct Area?

    i was at the dam today from about 1:30-330...what time were yuo there?
  6. ttr125smms120

    First Ride of the New Season

    Just curious, but where in CT are you riding?
  7. ttr125smms120

    what gearing to use

    where exactly is the powerband going?
  8. ttr125smms120

    Well, Who here rides trails only.

    trails only for me
  9. ttr125smms120


    I was there Saturday night, and it was pretty cool to see a 15 year old win $50,000!
  10. ttr125smms120

    where to buy muffler packing?

  11. ttr125smms120

    Thomaston Dam Ticket

    i'll make sure to PM you guys before we go next time, and yeah, all that you described was us
  12. ttr125smms120

    Thomaston Dam Ticket

    hey, i saw you up there yesterday!
  13. ttr125smms120

    Thomaston Dam Ticket

    not entirely true. you have to pay sales tax on these bikes to get them registered
  14. ttr125smms120

    Definition of a privateer?

    i think that as long as you aren't factory backed, you're a privateer
  15. ttr125smms120

    thomaston dam

    if we're thinking about the same ranger than MAN, she is hott! i almost want to drop on the ground wheezing when she comes by