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  1. pbook

    oil in air box

    my friend has an 06 wr250f and it has started leaking what looks like engine oil from the air box,which i am guessing is coming from the breather pipe.what would cause this, piston,rings or could bad valves cause this.its not overfilled and has 1700 miles on the clock.thanks in advance.
  2. pbook

    my sxf250 2007 cuts out

    is there a spark when it wont start?if not i would check wiring or the stator plate.theres not alot left judging by the checks you have mentioned.also noticed the kill switch is not mentioned.they can be problematic.
  3. i was wondering the same thing,my mates 08 144 has the magura ,it feels heavier than my 07 250 sxf which has the brembo
  4. pbook

    fully synthetic in a wr

    cheers guys,the oil is motorex cross 4 which i use in the sxf which ktm recommend,but someone told me not to use fully synthetic because it can make the clutch slip.yes it is the wr250f
  5. currently using the fully synthetic motorex oil in a ktm,can i use it in my wr250 without causing any problems,clutch slip mainly,thanks in advance
  6. pbook

    grey wire in uk

    does the uk wr250 05 have the grey wire or was it only the us models that you could do the mod on.thanks in advance
  7. what offset are you running on the bike,standard or the 18mm,love the idea of quicker steering although stock is pretty good,but i dont want to cause any high speed instability,thanks
  8. pbook

    ktm sucks

    yes theres 2
  9. has the 250 sxf got the dual ignition settings,i heard someone mention the 450 has and i think the 2 strokes have,thanks
  10. pbook

    Just curious.07 sxf250

    try your air/ fuel screw first if that doesnt cure it go larger on the pilot jet needle clip is more half throttle area
  11. pbook

    Just curious.07 sxf250

    could be a leak round the header pipe,or might be running a little lean, its got a bit colder over here.i was told a small bit of popping was ok
  12. pbook

    07 250sx hard to kick

    yes its totally different to the crf i had the same problem,,long slow kicks and it fires up, its a weird feeling almost like its in gear when your kicking it over
  13. pbook

    07 250sxf tourq specs

    back axle is 80 Nm,front is 40 Nm, triple clamps have the torque value stamped on them top triple clamp 17Nm, bottom 12Nm
  14. any of you guys switch from a crf250 to sxf250,especially the 07 sxf and regret it?seriously thinking about getting the ktm.is the handling/weight on par with the crf,i guess the motor is better.thanks for any info
  15. pbook

    Milky transmission oil

    could be impeller shaft seal gone