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  1. B.Mauser

    Show your PIG

    Here is a 1 minute video of our 1986 XR600R project at a dirt bike track. Fun Bike! Here is the Thumpertalk thread if anyone is interested and hasn't seen it. http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/1129330-new-project-stolen-and-recovered-86-xr600r/
  2. B.Mauser

    My xr600 has returned!

    Its great to see you get it back! I love this XR. Good luck getting it back on the road.
  3. B.Mauser

    New Project : stolen and recovered 86 XR600R

    Thanks for all the comments on this thread everyone. We decided to ride the crap out of it Backwoods Bomber. This has been such a fun bike. Here is a video of it getting a workout.
  4. B.Mauser

    Honda xl600r valve clearence problem

    Are you rotating the engine with the kick starter? I recently learned to adjust these valves and had some trouble getting it lined up at first. It was much easier when I removed the bottom cap on the side cover and turned it with a socket, with the spark plug removed. Putting it in gear and spinning the wheel sounds like a good idea too.
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  6. B.Mauser

    Honda XR600R (1997)

    Hi boogz. They are the original Honda stickers that came on it new. If you google 97 XR600R you will see a few others that have these stickers still.
  7. B.Mauser

    New Project : stolen and recovered 86 XR600R

    Well its done. All back together and still starts on the first kick.This has been so much fun I am sad its done. But now we get to ride. New Renthal Chain
  8. B.Mauser

    help with xl600r

    I wish I could tell you exactly what you need to do but I don't know. I'm trying to get you pointed in the right direction and I feel that direction is the carbs. Hopefully someone else comes along with better advice but until then.... think about those carbs. Are you viewing the site on a phone? The red gasket goo is very noticeable in this picture on my computer screen.
  9. B.Mauser

    help with xl600r

    Nice project. I like the color you chose for the frame. Changes to the exhaust and airbox can change what jets you need. So without them on there......I don't think you can expect it to be right. I also have to wonder about the red gasket making goo used instead of a real gasket kit on the carb.
  10. What a great thread this has been. You're a lucky man to have RH as a friend JD. Congrats! Hope you have a great summer on that XR!
  11. B.Mauser

    New Project : stolen and recovered 86 XR600R

    Thanks for the tip JJ. He showed me the police papers but didn't give me any. Just a bill of sale for a 1986 xr600r parts bike. My friend is a welder at a big truck company. He said he can chop it up and throw it in a dumpster full of scrap heading to the recycler. I hadn't even thought that far ahead yet but I will be careful with the old frame.
  12. B.Mauser

    New Project : stolen and recovered 86 XR600R

    Hello my friends. Still going at it here. A little slower than normal due to an injury, waiting for parts to show up and paint to dry. But making great progress. While waiting for parts to dry one night I managed to lay my 97 down on the right side and mess my hand up pretty bad. No damage to the bike but somehow I smashed my hand between the end of the handlebar and the ground. Spiral fracture on my ring finger, broke the pinky completely off the knuckle and had it pointed up. Doctor language = proximal phalanx base fracture with dorsal angulation. I have had 5 previous broken fingers and these 2 are the worst ever. So much pain. The 86 XR has been a great distraction these last few days. So a little delay but we are back on track and the bike is almost done. The front suspension and handlebars are on, the engine is in. The wiring is done other than needing to buy and hook up a new rear brake light. We just need to clean and install carbs, paint the back fender, gas tank and front number plate/headlight. Hoping to have all that done and all the plastic on the bike by next Tuesday when the new chain shows up. Should be done next week! Here is the most recent pic I have. Lots more coming next week of the complete bike.
  13. B.Mauser


    Neat to see a photo thread dedicated to XR600R's.
  14. B.Mauser

    Found an off road playground.

    Looks like a fun place. You are good at finding these. Wish I could go with you.