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  1. ridecrazy11

    Pirelli mt21

    Been going through shinko 244's like no other, I'm a desert rider that likes to get on the road now and then. Shinko 244's just don't agree with my throttle control. Pirelli's are listed as 80/20 tires, I'm thinking about dropping the $180-200 into these tires. Is it worth it? How many miles am I gonna get out of these? Are they gonna hook up well in the Arizona dirt? Will they at least last me a season of, trail riding, hare scrambles, fire roads, short distance road trips. Don't wanna go wasting money. If these aren't the best what are some tires you guys would recommend that aren't DS but will handle at least a little bit of road wear. Thanks guys. -Wyatt
  2. Take a ride on a real E model and you'll see the magnificent difference!
  3. ridecrazy11

    Who Has The Lightest DRZ400E and How Did You Achieve It?

    Hands for signals and brake. Arizona's one of the only states that legalizes dirt bikes for the road. Have a brake light that I take off during races. Only a 5 minute bolt on assembly.
  4. ridecrazy11

    Who Has The Lightest DRZ400E and How Did You Achieve It?

    Street legal in AZ my friend! You can legalize almost any motor vehicle for the street, needs a headlight and that's it.
  5. ridecrazy11

    Who Has The Lightest DRZ400E and How Did You Achieve It?

    Scale was accurate. Since that photo everything has been changed to light speed carbon fiber. Tank is IMS 2.6 Competition. Holds 2.9 Use light tubes. I'm used to changing flats.
  6. ridecrazy11

    Who Has The Lightest DRZ400E and How Did You Achieve It?

    Bike weighs 279 with all fluids.
  7. ridecrazy11

    Does Eddie still?

    Does Eddie still make the SSW quick throw throttle with the CR Comp instead of the CR Pro?
  8. ridecrazy11

    Best quick throw throttle.

    http://www.sisnerosspeedworks.com/ssw-single-pull-quick-turn-throttle is the only way to go or $9 for a 2009 yamaha r1 throttle.
  9. ridecrazy11

    Anybody here use this?

    Let me say, it was the equivalent to riding a motocross bike across the country with 14/52 gearing. It was toast. That was my 06' 250x
  10. ridecrazy11

    Anybody here use this?

    Went through 2 chains, 3 rear tires in two months! Don't use this, they gave me my money back.
  11. ridecrazy11

    Buying Second DRZ

    Has an 01' E engine he didn't want the S engine anymore.
  12. ridecrazy11

    Buying Second DRZ

    Can't let up this deal picking her up tomorrow. Buying for my dad he deserves it. 2002 DRZ400S With 01' E model engine and the original S engine along with it. Comes with dirt set and SM set of wheels and tires.
  13. ridecrazy11

    help! registration issues, should I part it out?

    I have dibs on wheels!
  14. ridecrazy11

    Front Tire Options?

    Trying to decide what front tire to use for off-road racing/riding. I raced a few KTM's this week and I noticed how much my front Shinko 244 washes out in corners and just can't compete well. I'm looking at cheap options, so far I've only come up with Shinko 504. Have any of you tried the 504 up front? Let mew know how well it works. Trying to keep this on the cheap.
  15. ridecrazy11

    KLX Headlight -> How To

    Like this headlight? I bought it on ebay for 30 bucks, I just unplugged the stock oem bulb and dangled it inside the klx headlight and it works fine and puts out the same amount of light. I did it mostly for looks.