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  1. I installed the springs from a fork of an CRF 450 2008 that has softer spring (i think). I actually meassure it.... length was the same (495), diameter was the same (43) but wire diametre was 5.2mm on RMZ's and 5.1mm on CRF's so i figure it is lighter.... not knowing the rate for sure. I tested it on the track and i think it was better now... but it still bounces a lot and it is hard... I stiiffened the rebound 4 clicks and stiiffened the comp 2 clicks and became better in handling but i still feel the springing sense on my handlebars. If i go more stiff on rebound then it doesn' work well... i think it packs and feel hitting.... So after that you think i should try the 4.4 fork spring or the 4.6?? (I am between these two) The rear sag i have it on 100mm without riding gear.. *I race and some scramble that are 1,5hour + 2 laps duration... so I will need the bike a little more soft to make all the race without getting so tired by the hiitting of the suspension..
  2. RMZ 450 2011. I don't know what is the stock fork spring rate... I searched on internet but i found many numbers... other say 5.0 other 4.8 Does anyone knows the stock rate? I am on Europe... Greece (don't know if the USA bikes have other stock springs for some reason??) I am 83kg (182.983678 pounds) and i ride about 8 years enduro, scramble and some motocross races. I had before the RMZ 250 2009 which had great springs for me... and it was very balanced. But now with my RMZ 450 2011 can't get it balanced (the forks are stiffer)... I think i must change to softer fork springs but don't know for sure which rate. Racetech site calculation tells me to put 0.44 kg/mm (says that it has 0.48 kg/mm stock) Is here anyone that is about my weight that has the same bike so he can tell me what to do?? Thank you!!
  3. I have 2 hours on my RMZ 450 2011 that i bought last week but i think the forks are very hard for me... (i am 85kg) I just opened the forks and order some fork oil to change it tomorrow because it was very bad (i don't know how long it was working with the same oil) But my problem is that i can't see the marks on the springs that tell their rate (probably have been erased by working i guess), so i don't know if it is soft, std or hard. Is there any other way to tell what rate are they? Sorry for my english.... i am from Greece!! Thank you...
  4. Thank you!!!
  5. No one in this forum has it??? I found the 2009 manual... does anyone knows if it is the same with the 2011 or what differs?
  6. Just bought a used RMZ 450 2011 , but i can't find anywhere free the service manual, does anyone here has it on pdf so he can send me?? Thank you...
  7. tig it and never unscrew that bolt again... you can drain the oil by the 12mm bolt on the side (only use a good hexagon 12mm tool because it will be damaged after many drains) that's what i did on mine rmz 250 2009 when i had the same problem.
  8. I own an rmz250 09 and i want to know if i can replace my rear 19' rim, which has a crack, with a 19'' rim from an honda crf250 2013 that one friend has...Does anyone know if ii will fit?
  9. Change the gears at 1,2,3,4 pics, and check for the drum and the selector forks. I installed the factory pro detent arm and spring on my rmz250 2009 and it works great!!! And change all the washers between the gears too....
    great bike....!!
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    great bike....!!
  11. Bike: RMZ 250 2009 My gear lever broke today and i'm looking for a new one.... but i want your opinions Should i get the oem or just an aftermarket lever? Also i think i have read somewhere in this site that you put longer lever to help changing the gear better... is that right?? Thank you...
  12. why a 2010 or newer? what are the differences 2009 to 2010?
  13. I have a RMZ 250 2009, but i have problems with my transmision..... My friend had a RMZ 250 20010 and it had tranny problems too...!! I am thinking about going to 450... but i don't know if the rmz 450 has tranny problems too.... does anyone here know? I love my suzuki but problems like this make me very disappointed.. i have found a rmz 450 09 that i can trade with mine.... do u think i should do that or not? thank you!!!
  14. (sorry for my English... I'm from Greece!!) I have a problem with my bike (rmz 250 2009).... I bought it 1 year ago (used) and i had a lot of false neutral while i was shifting up, especialy without clutch an full gas, but i manage to put on (as i read on this forum) the factory pro detent arm and spring 3 months ago... and then i didn't have any false neutrals until last week. I went to the track last sunday and sundenly the 4th gear did not work (all the other gears where working).... I tear down the crankshaft (first time doing that in my life), i saw some wear on the gears: here are the parts i think that have wear: 1.GEAR, 4TH DRIVEN, NT:26 2.GEAR, 5TH DRIVEN, NT:24, 3.FORK, GEAR SHIFT NO.1 4.CAM, GEAR SHIFT 5.Washer No22 (no photo) I took some photos to show them to you and if you could tell me your opinions about what to change I know that the best is to change all of them but if there is something good of them i would like to save some money... cause i don't have much!! Thank you!!!