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  1. spikegv

    RMZ-250 for offroad/enduro

    Does the 18inch wheel make that much of a difference? @notoriousE-R-I-C when you say suspension suspension suspension, what work should i ask the shop to do. Its a 2008 model, is there anything that i shpould have checked on the bike with regards to common issues?
  2. spikegv

    RMZ-250 for offroad/enduro

    For some reason here in South Africa everyone thinks that the RMZ will break. I was planning on softening up the suspension, installing a fly wheel weight and an 18 inch wheel. Has anyone installed a coolant recovery bottle?
  3. spikegv

    Lets see the RMZ's

    Will look look for better pics. But this is my 2008
  4. spikegv

    RMZ-250 for offroad/enduro

    Hi all, I need some help please. I want to covert my bike for offroad enduro. I hardly do any MX riding. What should I do. Is it even worth doing? Has anyone done it that still uses the bike? I'm really new to all of this and only realized after the out rides that this bike is not really suited for enduro.
  5. spikegv

    Rear rim RMZ250 2008

    I have been told that the bike will be easier to handle off road and in rocky areas. Don't do much track riding. I'm from South Africa so I can get it for about $100 if I do the conversion.
  6. spikegv

    Rear rim RMZ250 2008

    Thanks for the info. If I buy this rim and use the spokes and rim with my hub will that work, or am I just wasting my money?
  7. spikegv

    Rear rim RMZ250 2008

    Hi all, Pretty new to all of this. Hope someone can assist, I want to replace the 19 inch with an 18 inch. What should I look for? Can I buy any 18 inch? I have seen one from a 2005 RMZ250 with a 100/30-18 tyre. Would that work?