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  1. BK14MX

    Erzberg 2013 - 360 Degree Video

    that race would destroy, bike, body, mind and soul I think, in that order!!
  2. man, I got cold just watching all that snow go by..
  3. BK14MX

    '08 RMZ 450 Front Brake Problem

    sounds like theres still air in it. I reverse bleed the brakes, once they are full, take a syringe and force fluid from the caliper up, which is the way air wants to go in the first place. I also force the pistons completely in the calipers while bleeding, then if I cant get full pressure, let them come out a bit and repeat the reverse part. I had so much trouble bleeding the brakes on my honda, I bought a Mity vac, which helps, along with reverse bleeding them, no more pump-pump-pump, bleed, pump-pump-pump, bleed. takes about 15 minutes this way. Another thought though, how old is that brake line? hope this helps.
  4. BK14MX

    Would I have to remap my bike to put my new exhaust on?

    Im sure it can be done by someone, on Eddie's page, reflashing the OEM isnt listed under suzuki options, Toykomods doesnt list it either. Gonna call everyone today and see whats the dealliiioooo.
  5. BK14MX

    Would I have to remap my bike to put my new exhaust on?

    maybe used it 2-3 times max, usually after a stall.
  6. BK14MX

    Would I have to remap my bike to put my new exhaust on?

    ok, so it can be done. Unfortunately I dont think I'm going to spend that much or even attempt it after reading the PDF...
  7. BK14MX

    Would I have to remap my bike to put my new exhaust on?

    alright, am i missing something here? Three websites and not one says the RMZ450 08/09 offer remapping??? I can read, but maybe not to well?? Could someone please confirm or deny this?
  8. BK14MX

    Any 40+ guys here?

    I'll be 41 next month, been into this sport heavy since 96', and I wish I had more time to ride, current job has me working weekends but I will ride till I just can't.
  9. I'll second the nod for Gaerne, Ive got 6 year old SG10's that are still in great shape, no broken buckles, nada. Now I haven't ridden a ton, but the soles are just now to the point of needing replacement. Best boots I have ever bought.
  10. I wear two pairs of socks, riding socks underneath of ankle socks with no issues.
  11. BK14MX

    Roger DECOSTER

    Ive got a 09 motor and they dont shift well at all, hasnt jumped out of gear, but its tough to shift for sure. Remember when Suzuki's shifted like butter? What the hell did they change. I know the trans has to be beefier for the hp/weight, but the top of my foot actually gets sore.
  12. Since your not using Notoil filter oil? If you were Oxyclean works great in place of the expensive cleaner.
  13. Agree about the SS valves, just from the setup Ron sent me which was an 06 head, they barely moved at all and I rode the hell out of that thing!! ok, I'm never on the limiter with a Stage 1, 13.5:1, air filter after every ride(sandy here), and I changed oil after every 2 rides, which does not help valve life btw, being as when it got ridden, it was ridden for as long and as fast as I can go. Put a Pro-seal cage seal, because the 04's had a loose fit even when fully tight, and if I dropped sand in the boot, subframe off and cleaned. The only guys whose valves never moved were +40 straight beginners, the motors probably never even saw 9k rpms'. 8 years ago when all this stuff starting coming out about the springs being weak and the valves floating and beating themsleves out of the bikes, the seats being too hard and all this stuff going on cannot be new info. And everyone I ride with, and almost all of us have hondas, have had valves go out. Maintenance is not an issue, period. We all race, are not on daddy's dime and take care of our bikes. Banging off the limiter without problems on a full-mod motor with no valve issues, tough sell my friend.
  14. Maybe because I ran it without an air filter? seriously, you say that like I'm the only one with valves that went out, maybe you missed the billion threads on here about that subject, Honda had a problem, obviously since there are a ton of after market valve companies, along with companies to fix the heads. Don't take it personally, great bike, bad valve train/springs. My next bike will be another CRF, best bike I've ever owned, period. Since I didnt take care of my bike, please explain to me how you took care of yours so I'll know what do do next time. I think its funny you make a generalized statement about bike maintenance then don't offer any knowledge, please enlighten me.
  15. BK14MX

    One tooth bigger on front sprocket crf 450

    I rode/ride nothing but mx, 14-49 is great with my motor, Stage1 HC, high comp piston. Depends on how you ride you ride I guess, I dont rev it and its a thing of beauty. Great starts too, still in second for a little bit longer while everyone else has already shifted. Cheap to try different setups, see what works for you and how your ride.