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  1. Before you do anythng, put the ring in the groove and measure with a feeler gauge to see if the groove is smashed. if it is any different at that point, get another piston. if it is ok, you will probably be ok to sand or file the spot and use it.
  2. On dirt, only one time I really remember. I was on my brothers kdx and hit a swarm of bees. I was moving along pretty fast and most of them died on impact, but I got stung 21 times across my body and arms. I was lucky it wasn't more. One time on my gsxr I had I was on a freeway in Phoenix and had a paper wasp (pretty much the same thing as a yellowjacket) walk across my visor. It is pretty exciting to try to avoid getting ran over, avoid getting stung in the eyes, remove a helmet and pull off a freeway at the same time. I don't have any idea when it joined me, but I got lucky as that type of wasp usually has a really bad additude.
  3. Yep. You should be able to find a manual for your bike and get familiar with all of the maintenance for it. Most bikes have a free manual you can download online.
  4. Same, you need to change trans oil on a two stroke. Engine oil is in the gas, but trans has a separate compartment of oil to lube the clutch and gears.
  5. Colorado is much nicer than me. I would have put a strap on the log and moved it behind their cars with my bike, then went about my business. What did they expect going to an ohv area. There are probably signs that state that also. Oh, and my picture is next to the definition of ahole.
  6. My first 4stroke dirt bike is my 2011 yz 450. First 4 stroke bike was a 89 katana 1100, doesn't really count because it was street. Always had 2 strokes, just couldn't let the 450 sit there all alone.
  7. How do some of you find time to ride if you spend all of your time worrying about how keeping a bike tied down will hurt it. Tie it down so it is secure, when you get to wherever you are going to ride, jump on and ride it. When done strap it back down securely and go on your way. Pretty simple if you ask me.
  8. How's the bike working? Have you made it out to ride yet?
  9. I don't even know how to respond to this one. All this damage that can happen. Damn, I might as well never start my bike again. For me the clutch is a tool, use it to start and stop mainly, other than that, sometimes I do and sometimes I don't. I use it to feather power to the rear wheel for the most part. Hell if I worried about some of the stuff like you guys do on here I would never ride. Make sure your air filter is clean and oil is changed and ride.
  10. Don't be scared of jumping the bike. Its like everything else, start small and slow. Hold the throttle steady and go for it. You will start to feel how to balance in the air. Then just try a little more each time.
  11. I grew up riding 2 strokes and now have a 4 stroke I normally ride (and a smoker that is used as a spare). There are things that each do better and some that each do worse. For example, a 4 stroke is nice for steep downhill, engine braking is nice, but I love my 2 stroke for the tight sandy washes around here because it doesn't have the braking effect. Biggest thing to remember is the more you ride, the better you will get, no matter what bike 4 or 2. You have to adapt to either and both require a different style of riding to get the most of each. Oh, and a 4 stroke won't make you lazy, you just have to pay attention at different times than a 2 stroke. I thought that when I first got my 450, and I found out that I actually have to be more on top of my game than my 250s, or I usually end up on the ground. Just ride what feels right for you, and you will get better.
  12. If you are going to be around the box canyon area, we are going there on the first and staying a couple days with my inlaws, gonna brave the storm coming.
  13. Kick start not installed correctly? Put in first gear and see if it tries to move when you kick it with clutch let out. If nothing check the kick starter.
  14. Yep, adjust the clutch or possibly lever. From what you posted, best place to look.
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