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  1. Wow I'd never dream of a flat landing on mine. I remember the first time I rode a mx bike I thought it was magic how I could completely overshoot and land soft as a feather. I did overshoot because they fly much better too. If the new ones are better than all the more reason to go TTR in my opinion!
  2. 1) self destruct as in all the seals blow on takeoff, never mind the landing. This on a full size ramp. I've had other jumps too like a 20 foot tabletop and stuff like that and the suspension just isn't up to it. I'm not saying you can't bunny hop it but you're not going to get any real air without doing damage. 2) Yup, mine was the 225, same engine as the 230 and most of the rest of the bike is the same too. The 230 is a bit skinnier and a bit higher but I'm not aware of any substantial difference that would make what I say only apply to the 225. I also rode with a guy who had a 230 and rode them a fair bit too. 3) it's bulletproof like I said. I would run it on choke, it would die if you gave too much gas when cold so I worked up it to a high RPM and away I went. Wouldn't let off because then I'd have to work it back up. Then when it was warm I'd turn off the choke and pin it, blipping it every few minutes because I thought that's all it needed to not be hard on it. I also had the engine full of water. I turned it over by pulling it behind another bike with the ignition off and when it stopped pumping water out of the exhaust I layed it on its side to try drain it a bit and then fired it up. I only blew that engine ones by running it completely dry of oil. Then it seized but it still made it 7 miles WOT.
  3. You're going to have to test it before the next race regardless because you won't know if it's fixed until you try it. Clean it up, if it's the recommended settings then look elsewhere. Like the guys said, check out the PV operation. Have a look at the reeds. Go through all the possibilities and you'll have the least chance of still having problems next time you're out.
  4. Yes the ttr230 plastics are expensive. The TTR is 100% bulletproof though. Like mind-blowing "how could it still run fine?" bulletproof. Can't say about the Honda. One of my old riding buddies had one when I rode the TTR but maybe his sounded a little cooler? I never rode his. They're farm/trail bikes no bones about it. Excellent for when you want to jump on and pin it for 30 min down the road. Not excellent for the track or any jumping really, even though mine has seen both. The suspension will self-destruct and it'll destruct your feet too. My TTR is a '04 and it's gotten me 10 miles and back to work, never warmed it up enough, just took off with the choke still on. Pinned it 10 miles, then after work through the river, FMX ramps (ones..) rolled it down long hills, ripped around a homemade arenacross track, completely bashed and neglected that poor thing for 7 years before I retired it and it still runs how it did when it was new! I could fire it up now and abuse it more! The TTR isn't a sporty bike but they're so much fun and indestructible! Love the 6 speed transmission. Can go very slow and top speed is about 100-110 km/h depending on wind.
  5. So he did. Yeah that would make me consider it a lot more personally.
  6. That's basically what I did. Drill, tap, heli-coil, bolt. Initially I was going to cover the hole and call it a day lol.
  7. In that light then it could possibly be a good trade. 250 4t are time bombs in my opinion and I would intend to rebuild it asap if I acquired one, especially a 10 year old one. It might be better to sell the 520 and use the money to but a 250 if that's what you want?
  8. You'll have a lot of trouble. I tried when I was 14 too and it's not nearly as fun as a bike more your size. It's like riding a very fast giraffe and you can't get back on if you fall.
  9. The other thread was talking about melting the rings near the exhaust port. Generally that results in catastrophic failure and seizure so I don't think that's the right road to be going down for this. However, if you take off the exhaust you can see right in and have a look at the piston rings for yourself. I would first try draining the gas tank and putting in what the other guy was using and see if that fixes it. If it does fix it and you still don't want to use that gas, then reset your carb to the new mixture. If it still won't run right with the original blend then go from there.
  10. I wouldn't trust a 04 250 to begin with but I don't know what's wrong with yours or his.
  11. I think you'll need a "M12-1.5 bolt. That's metric. So maybe you can find that at the hardware store and probably a o-ring that fits nice as a quick fix. If you have the old one with you take it along!
  12. Actually this one counts too! Probably even worse if you read what my initial plan was. http://www.thumpertalk.com/index.php?/topic/1081219-
  13. I lost the bolt on my countershaft sprocket ones and somehow noticed it was missing when I was walking by the bike as it was parked in the garage.
  14. It it's broken roughly you might be able to turn it with a hammer and punch/chisel Otherwise you might use easy-out of basically any style Or you could try find a screw that fits, screw it in tight enough that when you unscrew it the whole plug comes Or you could drill the entire plug out and thread new holes Sounds like a easy one to me since it's big, goes all the way through the surface, and already has a hole through it. Easy-out is probably the easiest option.
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