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  1. Soulges22

    lookin for a new truck

    thanks for the replys guys, I think I'm goin to with the chevy, I like the body style more and I agree at this point in there lives the maintenance and care they received is as important if not more important than the brand. I found a nice looking 97 k1500 which is exactly what I was looking for. the truck looks like it's in awesome shape. according to the dealers add online its a one owner with 48,000 original miles. it up for 8k. do u guys think it's a good deal? and does having such few miles raise any red flags?
  2. hey guys, recently had to part with my tacoma and now I'm the market for a new truck. I was looking at the 98-03 f150s and late 90s- early 2000s Silverado/Sierra 1500s. I would like to hear people's experiences with these trucks and how reliable they are. my budget around 7-8k. I live in pa so rust is also a concern. I would really appreciate if u guys could help me out!
  3. I just got a 97 300 Mxc and it's a great bike for trail riding, it has tons of power and is a blast to ride but it is rather heavy and the suspension is not that great but I only ride trails so it's perfect for what I need it for.
  4. Soulges22

    KTM 300 MXC 1997

    Great bike
  5. Soulges22

    KTM 300 MXC (1997)


    Great bike
  6. Soulges22

    04 125 problems!

    Thanks for the information, I think I'm going to change it to the 03 motor because I've heard that the 04 is one of the worst 125 motors out there and it will be hard to find parts for in the future, thanks again!
  7. Soulges22

    04 125 problems!

    Thanks for the help guys! Well it sounds like I am going to be redoing the whole motor, would it be a good idea to change the engine from the 04 to the 03 now? I remember reading in a different thread that the cases on the 2 motors were the same so changing to the earlier engine only required changing a few parts. Has anybody done this and know what parts need to be changed in order to turn the 04 motor into an 03?
  8. Soulges22

    04 125 problems!

    I pulled the piston and was all messed up. The front looks like it was rubbing against the cylinder and melted the ring in, and the piston skirt looks like it was chewed up by a bunch of angry beavers. How would I I about checking all of the electrical stuff, I don't know to much about the electrical side of things. Also I forgot to mention that it was smoking a lot, and suckin up some tranny fluid so the crank seals are toast, would the left side crank seal being bad let to much air in a then cook the piston?
  9. Soulges22

    04 125 problems!

    Thanks for the info! I'm pulling the bike apart now and it has 0 compression and no spark. I'm pulling off the cylinder to get a look at the piston now.
  10. Soulges22

    04 125 problems!

    Hey guys, my 125 is giving me some trouble an I'm hoping that u guys can give me some help with it, this post might be a little long so bear with me, thanks! About a month ago I blew up the bike so I replaced the top end which wasn't a problem, after breaking it in I go for a ride and the bike fouled 3 plugs on a single ride, it was always a fouler but never that bad. we took it home to tweak the jetting, we moved the needle out one position and the bike was running a lot crisper so I though it was good to go. About 2 weeks later my friends and I load up the bikes and head out to Kentucky on a road trip to do some riding. When we get there I could start the bike cold without the choke but I thought nothing of it so kept on riding. After about 50 miles of riding the bike quits on me going up a long hill. It slowly bogged down over a period of about 10 seconds so I though the plug went. I jump off throw In a new plug but when I go to start it it has no compression. next I checked spark and it had none. What do u guys think could be wrong? My hypothesis is that cdi went leaving the electronic power valve open therefore lowering the compression and that would explain why it has no spark. But I'm no expert so I would like to hear what u guys have to say! Sorry about the long winded post this bike is making me pretty angry so i will appreciate any insight into what's wrong, thanks!
  11. Soulges22

    2002, 2003 or 2004 CR 125 as a starting point?

    I have an 04 and I love it! I'm about 5'7 and 165lbs and I love the bike! I have read that the 04 125 was a dog but after riding mine it's a blast an has plenty of power for me. The only thing that has me worried about this year is the parts availability in the future due to the fact that it's a one year motor because Honda tried the electric power valve in 04.
  12. Soulges22

    Xr400 too big?

    I'm roughly your same size and have ridden an xr 400 quite a bit, if I were u I would get a 125 or 200 2 stroke because they are SO much lighter and more fun. Don't get me wrong the xr's are great machines but they are heavy and there is nothing worse than falling over on a steep rocky hill and not being able pick it up or start it up. I ride a cr 125 ad it is perfectly capable on all kinds of trails.
  13. Soulges22

    Ktm 300 mxc 1997

    My friend has this same bike and although it Is a great machine and very fun to ride the as said above parts market is very limited. For example my friend was riding and broke the rear shock and he could not find a replacement anywhere. But the engine has always been strong and reliable.
  14. Thanks for all the support everyone! I think I am going to get him a klx/drz110 if I can find a good deal on one! Thanks for all the help!
  15. Thanks for the replies! I am definitely going to throw the idea out there and see of he has any interest in it! I considered a quad but I can't find anything in my price range that's not Chinese knock offs that I won't be able to resell. I think if I get him a bike I would get him training wheels till he gets comfortable. I saw a few pws around, how do they compare to the others?