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  1. Norwegian

    Thinking about buying a Chinese bike?

    The Chinese bikes will be competetive within a few years
  2. Norwegian

    What a rush!!

    Yeah... those 125's are sure SCARY fast..
  3. Norwegian

    Kool Island - Brazil

    Awesome Bessa!
  4. Norwegian

    me on my ttr

    NorCalMxEr178 is the height of awesomeness. http://www.myspace.com/norcalripper My favorite quote from his website would be... "books are for homos and smart people, i am neither so i dont read" Atleast it is truthful
  5. Norwegian

    MTV Cribs - Ricky Carmichael

    And this post blew.
  6. Norwegian

    me on my ttr

    Atleast he doesnt look like a fat... like you.
  7. Norwegian

    random pic

    This thread made the average world IQ sink.
  8. Norwegian

    New Numbers-What you think?

    You're from ronronmx.com, aren't you?
  9. Norwegian

    Helmet-cam from a MX track (in Denmark)

    Norway has whoop sections. But not very long ones. They are my favorite obstacle anyway
  10. Norwegian

    *GRAPHIC* don't blame me!

    You do, of course. Since you're such a tough-ass and all. What do you expect? It's the poor part of society. This isn't new. It will continue happening like this...
  11. Norwegian

    Riding, 28/08/05

    I find that standing on the balls of my feet gives me much better leverage, control, and maneuvrability on the bike.
  12. Norwegian

    Riding, 28/08/05

    i know about the elbows, but it's alot harder at 6,6 than you might think :D
  13. Norwegian

    Riding, 28/08/05

    It has made the thread PLR viable.