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    How To Properly Maintain Your Rekluse Auto Clutch

    Wow, what a great and extensive article, thanks. I have a question about a earlier model Rekluse clutch that they don't sell and/ or support anymore. It's the Rekluse z-start clutch one of their first model clutches for a Drz400. Bought it second hand and has been working flawlesly for about 2 years. On my last trip, the clutch started to slip big time, running really hot like I was running without oil. Checked oil amount and found it to be within spec. Took the clutch apart and found the last friction plate ( going from the outside in) to be broken. The rest of the steel and friction plates show no signs of wear at all. What could have caused this, and might this be the reason for the slipping clutch? Any help is apreciated. Thanks Paul
  2. Paul Meyers

    Fuel Injected DRZ

    Eventhough I miss the electrical knowhow to completely understand everyting I applaud you for your magnificent job. I've done several mods to my bike, but no as extensive as you have done. Hats off
  3. will be 61 in october, still riding my trusted Drz400e
  4. Paul Meyers

    2003 WR250F build from SWE

    Very nice job and exellent photos. Go with the new headlight! Restored an old Maico 490 2 stroke from 1981 years back. It is very satisfying to take a bike apart, and slowly restore it from top to bottom. Good memories coming back. Have a question: the staircase grip tape you put on your frame, is it just the tape you put under the rug? Looks kind of foamy. Do you have a picture of it, brand name? Looks very nice. Live in the Netherlands; maybe we have it here too.
  5. used to ride a 1981 Maico 490 enduro 2 stroke (with lights and license plate). It was a bitch to start but a hoot to ride. Could ride up to 90 miles per hour without a fuss with street tires on ( had 2 sets of wheels, steet and dirt)
  6. Paul Meyers


    Great article; really liked it
  7. Paul Meyers


    First you need to get a Xray to tell if you have a rib (or more) broken. Danger is that if you have a rib broken you might end up with a pneumothorax or worse, a tension pneumothorax (which might be lifetreathening). X Ray is the only method to tell between broken or bruised. Don't know if a chiropractor is able to help. It just takes time. Hope you get well soon.
  8. Hou much do I need to add for shipping to Europe (the Netherlands) Certainly thinking of ordering one