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  1. Crazyced

    CRF250 Magura clutch lever > KTM OEM?

    I believe mine got a red adjuster. What years are we talking about?
  2. Crazyced

    CRF250 Magura clutch lever > KTM OEM?

    Thanks, but the idea is to be able to order from a Canadian company, as our exchange rate is horrible right now.
  3. I have a Magura clutch kit installed on my 2008 CRF250R and I broke the lever in half during a fall. I am now trying to source a replacement and was wondering, could I buy anything that is said to fit a KTM fitted with an hydrolic clutch.
  4. Crazyced

    2003 KX125 POS Mikuni to Keihin swap

    I'm the one working on the bike with lp216. In this case the bike was definitly revving very high, sounding like an air leak untill I reduced the idle speed and put the air screw all the way in. Note that it did not do that before we plugged up the power jet, which is to be expected I guess. One thing we did notice though is smoke comming out of the KIPS vent tube when revving. I might be normal but it seemed exessive to me as we had not noticed that before since he owns the bike. LP also noticed that while idling, the engine seems like it was actually sucking in air though the tube. Wich could definitly cause a lean condition. We did a pressure test on the engine today and all the pressure is leaving though the vent tube instently. Once pinched though, the crankcase is keeping it's pressure easily. Is this supposed to leak this way? Anyone else ever pressure tested a KIPS equipped engine?
  5. Crazyced

    2003 KX125 POS Mikuni to Keihin swap

    You need to plug it up. The solenoid is opened when unpowered, hence providing fuel. Check this thread for ideas on how to plug it. http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/1091105-pwk-swap-power-jet-issue/?hl=%2Bpowerjet+%2Bset+%2Bscrew#entry11689153 Also check this for some jetting ballparks: http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/978692-38-pwk-as-in-a-02-cr125/
  6. Crazyced

    First enduro tomorrow! Tips?

    Hahaha Thanks! I'll have my gopro to immortalize the whole thing!
  7. I'm a casual MX rider that races about once a year for fun. I was invited to run an enduro for the 1st time tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it. But my main goal is to finish. It will be 90min and they are forecasting rain. My bike is very track oriented though, and other then playing with clickers (I have a FC revlave) and tire pressure, I don't think I will be able to do too much to it. So it's all about the mental. Since I have never done one and don't even know the track, I'm not even sure what kind of pace I can hold for 90min. Any tips? What should be my mindset? Especially at the beginning of the race, where I assume most of the traffic happens.
  8. Crazyced

    2003 KX125 - No mid throttle?

    Thanks! We ended up with the float at around 8.5mm, 390 main, needle 1st clip and a 32.5 pilot. The bike runs night and day better. I feel it's still a little on rich side though. It tends to load up if it's not being rode hard.
  9. Crazyced

    2003 KX125 - No mid throttle?

    Ok we have some development. We changed the reeds. Then we checked the float valve. Turns out it was a weird one that seems shorter then stock and has a stainless steel tip instead of rubber. Since I have a 38mm TMX from my 2005 CR250, we decided to swap the float needle. I then readjusted the tab to have proper float and reinstalled everything. Problem is, No fuel was reaching the bowl. We took it off and used the CR250 floater instead (has a higher float setting, about 8mm I think). And that worked. But now the bike seems crazy rich. I think we are hitting the same issue you were having SAPPERS: http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/966110-04-kx-125-float-height-troubles/?p=10100480 Was your only fix to switch to a PWK? We'll fiddle with the float height tomorrow and hopefully find something that works. My measuring technique leaves a bit to desired though...
  10. Crazyced

    2003 KX125 - No mid throttle?

    Did you double check your float level?
  11. Crazyced

    CR before And after pics?

    Before (as we got it): After:
  12. Crazyced

    2003 KX125 - No mid throttle?

    You guys swap with the 38mm PWK right? We'll make sure the fuel needle valve is not worn out 1st.
  13. Crazyced

    2003 KX125 - No mid throttle?

    We'll change the reed petals and keep you posted.
  14. Crazyced

    2003 KX125 - No mid throttle?

    Yup, still has the POS TMX. Tell me about it, I have a late model CR. But since we're on a limited budget, we'll have to make this one work.
  15. Crazyced

    2003 KX125 - No mid throttle?

    No, but the 4 corner ones are concave (bent inwards) enough that you can clearly see daylight under them. It leads me to believe that the previous owner might have already flipped them.