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  1. YZX

    DRZ-400s opinion on price for noob?

    Looks like a clean bike
  2. YZX

    Crf450r to Drz400s

    Finally had a chance to ride my drz for the first time with one of my friends who has an 07 r6. Bike kept up really good with him (of course he wasn’t pushing it too hard) and I had a blast on the drz! Not a bad little bike I guess hahaha.
  3. YZX

    Crf450r to Drz400s

    Did some things to the bike. Got rid of the stickers, re painted tank, put a fender eliminator light and some led signals !
  4. YZX

    Crf450r to Drz400s

    How much does the 3x3 mod and jetting really help? Is it a night and day difference like people say??
  5. YZX

    Crf450r to Drz400s

    Do you mind me asking your reasoning behind that?
  6. YZX

    Pw80 no base gasket?

    It wouldn’t hurt to try it!!
  7. YZX

    Crf450r to Drz400s

    True it’ll definitely be chocked up but would probably be easier to tune back up to crf450x specs. I’ll wait a few more months I feel like the 450l will be a great bike
  8. YZX

    Crf450r to Drz400s

    Thanks for the info guys. I heard the fcr carbs really wake these up. I guess I’ll do some basic stuff and see how I like it then. Not looking to dump a crazy amount of money into it haha. Maybe time for a crotch rocket and another 450? The new crf450l is coming out. What’s your guy’s opinion on that?
  9. YZX

    Crf450r to Drz400s

    Hey guys, I’ve been inactive on here for a few years but want to get back into the forums. I used to ride a very decently built 03 Crf450r. Just sold it and got a 2017drz400s to be able to ride on the streets. I keep having mixed feelings about wanting another bike now just because this drz feels absolutely gutless compared to my old crf. Do you guys think I’ll get used to the lack of power? I miss being able to crack the throttle in 2nd and doing power wheelies hahah. Or would you guys suggest I ride this drz for a bit and then grab another dual sport??
  10. I took a break of tt for 2 months got really busy. Where did he go??
  11. 2 1/2 years since I created this thread
  12. YZX

    Bought an Excursion

    i think he means cab, like dod you have to take the body off to to the swap?
  13. Can't believe it's already been a year. But seems like that s10 served you well.
  14. I love my 6.0 powerstroke.