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  1. NordieBoy

    Foghorn J Leghorn R.I.P.

    Header pipe, CCT, oil line. No gaskets needed. 20min to pull apart, 30min for a good clean/lube, 20min to put back together. Pulling the starter apart also gives you the opportunity to clean up the brushes and commutator.
  2. NordieBoy

    alright guys lets see ur dr's! put up some pics!

    Some from the archives...
  3. NordieBoy

    1/4 Mile radar run

    And the best torque is from 4,500-5,500rpm. I don't start in 2nd even with 14/46.
  4. NordieBoy

    Cheap, battery powered GPS?

    Any of the Garmin eTrex range.
  5. Then ride it on a Honda 50 stepthru. Interesting and difficult.
  6. NordieBoy

    Flasher question

    If you look at the circuit diagram of the wiring, it's obvious. Sort of...
  7. NordieBoy

    Flasher question

    Try popping the indicator light in the dash and see if that makes a difference.
  8. NordieBoy

    Procycle 780 VS Ducati 790 Monster

    Cool. Not bad for a stock DR650.
  9. NordieBoy

    dr650 rear shock

    Over fill the res. As you push the bladder in, the excess oil will overflow out. Messy but works.
  10. NordieBoy

    Digital or Analog speedometer?

    +1 for the TrailTech Vapor. Worked flawlessly for the last 350hrs run time on the play bike. My Acewell has also worked well for the last 100,000km on my DR650 in all conditions from road trips to x-country races.
  11. NordieBoy

    Race Tech Emulators vs Intiminators...

    Depends how much you weigh. If it's in the <160lb range then Intiminators will work fine with the stock springs. If you come from an off road background, then Emulators will give a more familiar feel. Intiminators hold the front end higher and feel weird to start with, especially the anti-dive. I got Intiminators for my DR and Emulators for my XR. Now I've sold the XR and have Intiminators in my TT350 which gets used for road, trail, singletrack, x-country racing, classic mx... I prefer the feel/ride of Intiminators.
  12. NordieBoy

    aftermarket rev limiter for dr650

    Nothing that the Dyno can detect.
  13. NordieBoy

    aftermarket rev limiter for dr650

    The US spec bikes don't even have that switch. The rev limiter is in the CDI. NotMXRob
  14. NordieBoy

    aftermarket rev limiter for dr650

    Nothing. At the limiter you've got the same HP as at about 4,500rpm. At 6,500rpm you've got the same torque as at 3,000rpm. For max performance, everything points to shifting at about 6,500-7,000rpm. For trail riding it's more like 5,000-5,500rpm and it'll drop to 4,000-4,500rpm, right in the meat of the torque.