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  1. Girlfriend in high school tried it a couple times with me. Got her a klx110 but I ended up goofing around on it more than she would ever ride the damn thing. If I end up in a relationship again probably won’t try and make whatever girl ride.
  2. zotis777

    Is MMI and good?

    Here on a dirt bike/ off road/ motocross dedicated forum you will hear many many people tell you a career as a tech in anything powersports (pwc, sxs, snowmobile, dirt bikes, atv, motorcycles, etc.) has no money in it.
  3. zotis777

    Is this Sprocket OK?

    Hi I’ve enlarged a section of the rear sprocket photo to exacerbate the wear Do you see how the right side of that cutout looks to be “pulled” forward, as opposed to the left side of the cutout that maintains a smooth angle. It’s not symmetrical, I imagine this will cause that cutout to hold that link loosely. Thus every power stroke will be sliding the link forward and slamming it into the worn side of that tooth, this will damage your new chain in short order. I would change the rear sprocket as well as the front
  4. I’ve had terrible luck with kobalt, not sure if they stepped it up but I’ve broken more kobalt stuff than I can count. I have a lot of craftsmen stuff I break a lot of it too. Oddly enough my HF stuff seems to hold up. If I had the money I’d go snap-on. I’m a jet engine mechanic for work and the snap on stuff gets used for 6 days straight 24 hours a day (multiple shifts same tools) and i hardly see that stuff break. Especially with the abuse I’ve put that stuff through
  5. zotis777

    Should i replace this piston??

    Cheap insurance, another user here mentioned it only run him $5 a cylinder to get honed
  6. zotis777

    Should i replace this piston??

    A ball hone is less safe. The classic style of hone with the straight stones are capable of riding along the surface of the cylinder without dragging on the ports. You know, on account of the ports aren’t lipped. If a flat honing stone would snag on ports so would a piston. I have no idea if a scotch brite pad is capable or sufficient for removing the glaze but many people have has 2 stroke cylinders honed without issues. Although i wouldn’t recommend honing an out of round cylinder. Obviously conflicting opinions and that’s no problem you and I build bikes differently. But a competent machine shop is capable of not damaging the ports, so long as the shop is well versed he will be okay
  7. zotis777

    Should i replace this piston??

    Nikasil plates cylinders are absolutely good to hone. A ball hone on a 2 stroke is a bad idea because of the ports naturally but any competent machine shop can knock off the glaze and measure the bore and piston to ensure proper PTW.
  8. I think it got lost in there somewhere. I meant to add it the first go around but I’m at work and my thumbs kept moving and my brain didn’t. Edited It in a couple seconds after I posted and realized
  9. I don’t believe that was the case. If it was one would think they’d turn their music down, or wear helmets, not try and roost us and cut into our line when we went to pass. It was overall unpleasant. And I decided after that the majority of my riding will be on sanctioned tracks, given that it requires you to wear a helmet and that most pit areas are full of polite people with reasonable music volume and trying to do heir own thing
  10. zotis777

    Crack on wiseco piston?

    There are sites that will illuminate cracks I believe. You could look into that
  11. Went to ride with some buddies on a makeshift track some guy made in the woods. Here comes 2 guys in a pickup truck BLASTING Spanish music, keep it blasting as they unload their bikes and gear up. They’re in a full getup except their helmets, on some matching newer Suzuki’s. They hang out and leave their music cranked until we finished with our break and go to get back on our bikes - they hop on theirs. We go out and embarrass them, they couldn’t ride for shit. We stop after a few laps for some water and hey guess what so do they. This cycle continues for about an hour and a half before we decide this can’t be coincidence. Me and said buddy waited another half hour before we went back out. Lo and behold as soon as we did they fired their bikes up and took off onto the track with us, still slow as when they started That was a couple years ago I still don’t know what their &%$#@!ing problem was but that was as close as I’ve ever gotten to getting in someone’s face. It was as if they were trying to be as rude as possible without saying a word.
  12. zotis777

    Anyone gone to MMI College?

    Never been. Considered it but there’s very little money in it. I considered all the big ones as far as UTI and MMI and they’re all shams. I got out of high school and joined the Air Force, I’m a jet engine mechanic. Not a day of college and the military will send me to an expedited 11 day course for an AMP power plant certification if I choose. Nothing mechanical is particularly difficult, if you can make 40/yr fixing bikes you can make 90-120/yr at the right company doing fleet maintenance. My dad worked on construction equipment and now fixes basket trucks for a utility company. The real money is in hydraulics/electrics. If you work on something like basket trucks you combine all 3, and can make good money doing it. Trades are the way to go, just not bikes. Someone in this thread tossed out the military idea, it’s not bad if you’re thick skinned. I’ve been to a bunch of places already just being in for 2 years. On my way to my first deployment I stood on 3 different continents in the span of 24 hours. It’s not a bad choice, it’s not for people who can’t do college. It’s a decent amount of bullshit but garbage in=garbage out. Your life is an immediate reflection of your own effort and initiative
  13. zotis777

    Unrealistic 50cc dirtbike pricing

    Take some of that money you saved and go to night school
  14. I’m wagering to bet your exhaust port probably lines up pretty well with the exhaust port. Looks like a decent burn pattern to me if it’s running well I’d change it and keep at it
  15. zotis777

    Impact crushing a gasket on case?

    Sounds more like a hairline crack. I see it pretty often where fluid seems to just “materialize” somewhere. Hoping when you take it apart it just ruptured the gasket. If it was already near failure a harsh shake would do it