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  1. desertlover

    klx 140 problems

    These things are really lean from the factory. Mine run like crap (hesitation and long warm up) at 5k feet with an FMF slip on. Once I richened it up it runs pretty good. You say you jetted it, but did you richen it enough with the airbox and full pipe it's going to need more fuel.
  2. desertlover

    YZ80 Petcock Leak

    Just buy an new one, they're like 20 bucks for OEM.
  3. desertlover

    2006 YZ 125 radiator braces

    Flatland racing! I have had several of these with great results. My son has dropped his (my) 125 at least 209 times with no radiator damage. The 125 and 250 guards are the same for Flatland. These also protect the radiator from getting impaled by branches ect if you're a trail rider.
  4. desertlover

    Most expensive fork seal fix ever!

    That's a great bike! I road a buddies 2012 250sx and couldn't get back on my yz fast enough. Got on my other buddies 2012xc and felt like I was cheatin'. I may have to sell out and buy a KTM some day. Oh, don't get too attached to that e-start, there's a good chance it will be problematic before long. May I ask where you got that deal?, surely it was not at the Edge...
  5. desertlover

    Any decent car shows in Utah?

    http://www.cachevalleycruisein.com/ Free drawing for sweet Hot Rod every year included with ticket price!
  6. I've had good luck with Flatland Racing guards. I believe they were purchased from enduroarmour.com which I had a good price/experience with.
  7. Returned to my truck after an "epic" mountain ride, found out I locked my keys in the truck! Now my truck needs a back window... AAA won't rescue, if you can't call them
  8. desertlover

    Online Scamming.

    It's most certainly a scam! I saw the same thing here, probably the same bike...
  9. I bought these from Cabellas: http://www.cabelas.c...%3Bcat104524380I They work great! Seems like I found a coupon for 20% off somewhere online.
  10. desertlover

    think i made right recommendation?

    Either would be a fine bike for him, or maybe a ktm 150-200. I routinely get my butt handed to me by a 63 year old who can't hardly walk off his bike...I'm 47.
  11. desertlover

    Next bike for Son?

    YZ 125! My son started on a ttr125, I skipped the kx100 and went to the yz. It was a little sketchy at first (my wife said I had 2 bikes and he had none!), but he soon grew into it. Now I have 2 bikes to choose from when I ride with my buddies...
  12. Without going into details, I would not recommend that model/brand trailer. You won't be able to carry a bike on the rear of that rear queen slide anyway. They are heavy in the rear and you won't have enough tongue weight. Also, if you like that design find a KZ brand trailer they invented it.
  13. $57.00yr (yes that's for ORV) welcome to Utah! If you want to visit, you need to buy a permit as well (keeps the riff raff down). No more whinning...
  14. desertlover

    First dirt bike in 15 years

    You're too big for a 230! I would go for an enduro yamaha wr450, honda cr450x or kawasaki klx450. If you want to go old skool, maybe a honda xr400? You can buy a lot of bike for less than 5k... If you want a 2 stroke, the yz250 should scare ya pretty good!
  15. desertlover

    Equalizer Hitch Question

    No, an equilizer does not allow the truck/trailer to pivit over bumps. It's like a splint, if you go through a dip it will actually unweight the rear end of the truck. It is advised to unhook the equalizer if going over very rough terrain. I use an equilizer, they are great for what they're made for, but off roading is not that. You may want to look into flipping the axles on the trailer to get some ground clearance.