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  1. Roland69

    Putting USD forks on TTR230 thread

    I just scored a complete fron end from a 03 YZF 250. Tbis is the exact setup i have on my 230. I only wanted the brakes and the fork guards. I am going to be selling them.
  2. More specifically I have a 09 ttr 230 for the wife but it's a blast to ride. It currently has 2003 yzf 250 forks and clamps. I have a chance to get some tubes off a 05 yz 250 for cheap with new seals installed already. Is this an upgrade to the 03 tubes and will they fit the 03 clamps?
  3. Roland69

    Yzf front on 230

    I recently bought a 2009 ttr 230 with 03yzf 250 front forks. I have a chance to pickup 05 yz 250 forks for cheap with new seals. Is that something I should grab and will tyethe tubes fit the 03 yzf clamps.
  4. Roland69

    Putting USD forks on TTR230 thread

    I believe mine is yzf forks brakes and wheel. He said the 03 was a direct fit on the ttr stem. Looks like it was done without spacers or welding anything. If you need pics of anything let me know.
  5. Roland69

    Putting USD forks on TTR230 thread

    Apparently these are from a 03 YZF 250 and everything fit easy? Glad I bought the bike already done
  6. Roland69

    Did the shop over fill my oil 05 XR250R

    You have to check it quickly after driving it. Even if you just run it shut it off it won't show you the correct level. Start it up drive it around the driveway or wherever you can then shut it off and check it.
  7. Roland69

    Turn Signals -LED and Incandescent

    Your stock system will thank you.
  8. Roland69

    Modern day XR-400

    I'm in Ontario and I am selling my 03 XR4.
  9. Roland69

    XR 400 bars and seat?

    CR hi bend works good. Or if you want a little more you can do a car hi fat bar with the adapters which will add a little more.
  10. Roland69

    2003 XR400 OEM seat

    How much shipped to Ontario N0H 2C0
  11. Roland69

    2003 XR400 OEM seat

    Message me with the info please
  12. Roland69

    2003 XR400 OEM seat

    Also interested. Will you ship?
  13. I'd love to take off and do that trip. I always think I'd try that with my XR4 but I think a 250 geard for the road would be fine.
  14. Roland69

    XR4 fuel consumption

    I only rode it out on an old rail trail and back on some sideroads playing around with the throttle quite a bit. I think I used half tank or more and it was probably 40-50 km ride. I just remember riding the old xr200 or the TTR125 out all day on the same amount of gas. I knew the 400 would obviously use more but I'd be affraid to go on our normal day trail ride without someone on an atv carrying some spare gas for me.
  15. Roland69

    XR4 fuel consumption

    Took my bike out for my first descent ride today and I feel like it used allot more fuel than it should have. Are they kinda pigs?