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  1. ShsFunny

    Valve job cost - 98 400

    http://starcitypowersports.com/m/showcase_unit.htm?id=379290&status=2 Thers one and thats an 06. An 09 here would be 5k+ if its running.
  2. ShsFunny

    Valve job cost - 98 400

    One im 4-6 hours from either of those places. Bikes are stupidly expensive here for some reason.
  3. ShsFunny

    Valve job cost - 98 400

    Prices must be much different there. That bike you are talking about would be 4k here. If i was lucky. 2800 might get an 02-03 in decent shape but like i said, im in too deep. I
  4. ShsFunny

    Valve job cost - 98 400

    I dont have a choice now. Im into it to far. Anything round here id buy would be a bigger piece of crap. I looked at a trade in. Woukd cost me 3 grand.
  5. ShsFunny

    Valve job cost - 98 400

    I actually forgot about posting this thread. This saga has gotten much deeper. I STILL dont have this bike back from star city powersports. Its going on 4 months now. Every two weeks i get a call from them saying they found something else wrong. To this point they have completely rebuilt the carb, all 5 valves replaced, all springs and cotters, they replaced the intake cam as they said the gear was spun on the journal, replaced the cam chain guide, and replaced the crank bearing. It has been least two weeks between each repair. This bike will be new when i get it back. It better run like it. They have me up to 1600.00 right now. I wont be taking anything else there i can guarantee that. Its worth noting that this bike ran when i took it in. I knew the center valve was bent slightly and i took it in to have the valves done. Nothing else. Im in too deep to turn back now. Lesson learned. Guy from roanoke -- Whos your boy in lynchburg? Ive been looking for people to ride with. Maybe we can ride this spring. IF I have it back by then!
  6. ShsFunny

    Kick start gear -- ride without?

    Well I'm asking if I can do that and be ok. Is that the only purpose that kick gear serves is starting?
  7. 86 yz 125. Will it run properly minus the kickstart gear? A piece of the case where my gear slides into place chipped off so I want to just remove it and do without.
  8. ShsFunny

    Yz125 Project Bike

    That's a steal in my book. Crank croaked maybe?
  9. Funny you mentioned that... Head rebuild on my. 98 400 is going to be 800. That's valves, springs and seat grinding. This is a bike that wasn't maintained well though. I'm sure if it had been, I wouldn't be going through this crap .
  10. Yeah it's the maintenance, not the riding experience that gets me. But that's just me. Twos are easier to work on for me.
  11. ShsFunny

    Oh Boy! I Got Me a 1982 YZ125!

    Fun ain't it? I'm neck deep in an 86 right now. I'm almost done with it. Got any images of it?
  12. ShsFunny

    Need a favor.

    What bike you have?
  13. ShsFunny

    Valve job cost - 98 400

    THANK YOU!! I just messaged Jeff. I knew that was highway robbery.i dont see how people pay those prices.
  14. So I took my 98 400 into a local bike shop in Roanoke VA three weeks ago. My valves are shot so I asked them to go ahead and rebuild the head (valves, springs, cotters, seat grind). So I walk away thinking im looking at about 400 bucks. Today, it was supposed to have been completed. I called today at 3 PM and they had not touched the bike. Said they cant get to it till Oct 25th. Now let me quote this next part -- "Oh sir, its also going to be 864 dollars for the rebuild". Im all about supporting local business but geeze. 800 bucks for valves,springs and grinding? I think this place's service dept is subsidizing their lack of traffic on the sales floor. Someone talk to me. Im teetering on going to get it tomorrow.
  15. I put a new ring in my 86 125. Stator is bad so that's next. My 400 comes out of the shop this week. Psyched about that. Haven't seen her in. 3 weeks.