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  1. tex rider

    SHTC - General Quarterly Meeting Dec 3rd

    SHTC PUBLIC MEETING REMINDER Dec 3rd - RAIN or SHINE ENJOY BREAKFAST WITH USFS DISTRICT RANGER Pancakes, Bacon, orange juice and coffee $10.00 RSVP REQUIRED IN ADVANCE http://www.samhoustontrails.org/2016/11/18/shtc-general-quarterly-meeting-12316/ 8:30AM -10:30AM THE SHTC PUBLIC MEETING Legislative updates. Vision Action to accomplish your goal defined. 11:00AM THE SAWYER RE-CERTIFICATION GCTC LIBRARY Demonstrate competency Renew your 3-year B sawyer certification Soggy Sawyer but at least you will leave a SHTC Sawyer!
  2. tex rider

    SHNF Trails work day. Look here.

    Thanks for posting this. Exciting things happening with the Sam Houston Trails Coalition. If you are like me and care about the future of the SHNF Multi-Use-Trails, not to mention love riding those trails, you owe it to yourself to come out to the SHTC Quarterly meeting at Gulf coast Trade Center on Dec 3rd 8:30 am and support us... Participants will leave with information to act on the following: How to get trail open. How to keep trail from closing. Why trail is unable to expand. Why does the Forest System Burn Special Guests: 5 levels of the Forest Service plus Region and national resources to support recreation in on public land will be in attendance. State Agencies and community leaders. What you missed from last meeting: The reason why trail expansion is prohibited. How to get trail open when closed A challenge to accelerate the capacity of the SHTC Over 100 participants:
  3. tex rider

    Sam Houston National Forest

    Here's an example of when the trails really should be closed. After riding the String and 1/4 of the Balloon, we turned back. It was just not fun. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GIDVmhZWPVI
  4. tex rider

    12/13 WR450 Comp ECU Maps?

    "I love the stock map and have only just started playing around with other maps. I have a couple tips for you. 1) You'll get used to the power and develop skills to modulate it. Once you do, that strong bottom end becomes your friend. 2) Regear. I love 12/51 in tight technical stuff. You could go even lower... 12/52 or even 12/54. People talk about how well the old Honda thumpers lugged. They were geared very low overall. 3) It takes a while to learn how to ride a WR. Its like dancing with a strong, athletic woman. A gentle touch doesn't do it. You need to be a bit more forceful and aggressive. Once you get on to that and get over the fear of using the power, its a great bike. 4) A moderate amount of speed is your friend. The 2012+ WR450F isn't really a tractor. It pulls hard, it kind of lugs, but what it really wants to do is run. If you go into technical sections with the engine ticking over at idle speeds expecting to lug over obstacles, you are going to have trouble. If you go in at about 1/4 throttle and use the clutch and blip the throttle for obstacles, its very good in technical stuff. Really good, actually. Momentum is your friend. I'm mentioning all this in the map thread because I fear that some of the issues people are trying to address with maps is really better addressed with gearing, more riding time, changes to riding style, etc. I hope this helps. Edit: 12/51 in 1st gear at idle (2000 RPM on my GYTR programmer) with 140 x 18 rear tire on hard ground = 6 MPH on my GPS. That is the same speed as a KDX220 with stock gearing. My bike stock had 14/50 and the idle was set to about 2300 RPM. It was going over 8 MPH at idle and by the time you used a bit of throttle you were doing 15 MPH. Even my vet expert friend found it a handful." You couldn't have said it better my friend. I've been riding mine steadily for a year now and it's a totally different bike than when I first got it. I put in a mild map when I first got it (retarded timing) and haven't changed in a year. Now that I've tamed the so called beast, I recently switched to a more aggressive map because I am ready for more snappy power. Throttle control is key and that takes seat time on this bike.
  5. tex rider

    How many TTers in TX?

    Here we are on the Boy Scout Trail https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oLtEHt7L0LQ
  6. tex rider

    How many TTers in TX?

    Sorry thats a right on FS 233 not 208
  7. tex rider

    How many TTers in TX?

    I would suggest the East side trail head off trade center rd. From I-45 > west on 1375 > right on 208 (past Ranger Station) > stay to left at Y in dirt road to trail head. From there you can take Big Sandy, left on Boy scout, left on Fern back to trail head. Thats probably only around 10 miles. But all the trails from there are in good shape except Zebra trail. See map.... http://photos4.meetupstatic.com/photos/event/4/5/3/a/highres_316697722.jpeg
  8. tex rider

    Buying new bike - wr450f or wr250f

    Well after almost a year I have ridden my 2013 WR 450 once or twice a week on 20-30 mile rides in whooped out sandy Trails and a couple of MX tracks. The first 4 months were pretty rough, but finally got used to the bike and can now keep up with a lot of the fast guys on 2 stroke 250's. This bike is awesome and feels 20lbs lighter than a year ago.
  9. tex rider

    Yamaha WR450F 2013

    2013 WR450F - awesome beast of a bike
  10. tex rider

    Honda CRF100F (2012)


    Nice bike got for wife.
  11. tex rider

    Honda CRF100F 2012

    Nice bike got for wife.
  12. tex rider

    Yamaha TTR230 2012

    Great little bike I got for my son. I ride it instead of wr450 occasionally in Sam Houston National Forest.
  13. tex rider

    Yamaha TTR230 (2012)


    Great little bike I got for my son. I ride it instead of wr450 occasionally in Sam Houston National Forest.
  14. tex rider

    GYTR Radiator Braces Power Tuner

    Awesome - a must have for WR450 2012-2014
  15. 7 reviews

    GENERAL INFORMATION The 2013 Yamaha YZ450F is one of the most revolutionary motocross machines ever built. From the four titanium valve top end to the unique rearward facing exhaust setup, the YZ450F’s entire layout shows it’s total dedication to performance. But one of the prime features of the bike isn’t even a part of the motorcycle at all, it’s the Accessory GYTR® Power Tuner, that lets tuners adjust air/fuel mixture and ignition timing maps to match engine performance characteristics to the rider and track conditions. Loads of bikes have electronic fuel injection, but Only Yamaha makes it so easy to tune. GYTR® Power Tuner is an easy plug-in fuel-injection and ignition tuning tool that allows riders to quickly adjust both the fuel and ignition maps to suit riding conditions and rider preference. It allows 9 easy-to-program adjustment points for both the fuel and ignition maps. The Power Tuner’s Monitor function allows the user to monitor the data from various sensors on the bike as well as adjust idle timing, see engine running time, and access the self-diagnosis function. The Power Tuner is powered by two AA batteries, thus no laptop is required, and no time consuming downloads are necessary. Also important, the unit does not have to be plugged into the bike to create maps, so a mechanic can create new maps while the rider is on the track, testing. The Power Tuner’s compact design can fit in the palm of your hand or a pocket, etc, and the Memory function can save up to 9 custom maps.