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  1. YMMV. XT motor drank some silthy water. New bottom end and jug. OI never failed. Like any other system, after ride inspection should include topping off the oil tank and checking the tube. Never had to mix, don't why I would start to now. 100% would get OI again. Can't wait for jetting to go away.
  2. Anyone running the EE / Beta Alu skid plate with linkage guard? Been running the stock plastic one with no issue but I plan on upping my game and probably will start bashing things.
  3. Another year, the same question again ;) Excellent choice on the 390! 2017 for a slew of reasons: $$$ savings for the necessary accessories that you would have to buy anyway for the '18 $$$ savings that you can put toward suspensions upgrades $$$ savings that you can put toward a lithium battery Kickstarter - if that bothers you $$$ savings for other things you may desire $$$ savings to change those awful stock tires $$$ savings $$$ savings $$$ savings This one should be #1, you get to ride the bike ASAP!
  4. Keep as is, there is some overlapping between 2t and 4t.
  5. Or one could buy an AJP with a derived 230 engine and more modern components.
  6. If I had more expandable income and it came with OI, I'd be tempted.
  7. Seems like opinions for the XT falls in two camps: It's fine, just minor adjustment needed. It's crap, you must replace everything.
  8. The only reason to change the silencer would be to loose some weight higher up. I have yet to meet anyone that can use all the power the 390 has. While not an engine designed to be flogged, it will take a flogging very well. And that power band is wide.
  9. On the subject of OI, I have first hand experience of an XT/300 motor that drank very silthy water, trashed the bottom and upper end and jug. Upon inspection the OI did not fail in spite of the carnage. Like any system that can lead to catastrophic failures (air filter, chain, axles), OI should be inspected regularly. Also, every time you check the air filter, just fill the damn oil reservoir, that way you keep an eye on the system and you will know there oil in there.
  10. Lovely rig! Had the funds permitted, we would have gotten an ATC. We are slowly building our Neo instead. When you are up in New Brunswick, I'd love to take a look at it! I can also show you around some amazing riding areas!
  11. Glad you are liking the 390, it is quite an underrated motor in the Beta range. For an all around bike, I have not found better.
  12. Horizontal on the wall make for a nice bed
  13. If you want at 2t, then get a 2t. Not much on 4t can be done to lower centre of gravity the way it is in a 2t. That being said and as firffighter pointed out, the 390 is in its element in tight woods.
  14. I have steered a few members into a 390 and none of them seem to regret their decision.
  15. Will hijack for a post, then let the OP carry on. The 390 and 500 have very similar engine characteristics, fat bottom end with plenty of torque, "slower"(not that slow either) revving than the 350/430. 390 vs 300 very similar also but the 300 is much harder to stall. Biggest difference is where the bike carries the weight, the 2t obviously carries it lower where the 390 has a little more higher up because of the head.