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  1. If recall correctly the 390 has a longer stroke than the 350 and the 430 has a smaller bore than the 480. the 390 and 430 don't share much if I am correct.
  2. Thanks. "Stock" is the Boano tune on factory exhaust system. Here is the full link: PER BETA RR4T EFI INFORMAZIONI_eng.pdf 350 vs 390 is very interesting. 430 is like a faster revving 390. That being said, the torque curve would tell the other side of the story.
  3. Ah funny, a search for the type of batteries that goes in the 15-16 cluster brought me to my own thread. Actually somehow after a while it display the correct value for the hourmeter.
  4. That's pretty much it. It's a bit fiddly to re-attach the cable. Much smoother to twist if you have the TPS.
  5. Yes. It was a great improvement and removed the need to throttle tamer.
  6. Here's the FB post: - Scroll down for the post.
  7. From my personal experience 15min max of open roads, after that the bike gets tiring to ride.
  8. My thoughts exactly, for the price I would have expected Li-something
  9. I was set on EXC-F 500 and ended up with a RR390. I have not regrets whatsoever!
  10. 390rr-s

    @hawaiidirtrider You have to thin the herd, that is all.
  11. Lookup Beta Canada on FB
  12. P-tech: 2T fitted my 4t with no problem, just use the sleeve from the stock part as a spacer.
  13. 390rr-s

    In an odd way, she would probably like the 390 better than the 350 (I am making the assumption here that your wife is not bouncing off the rev limiter on the DR, I may be wrong). The 390 motor will easily take a higher gear with a little clutch slip if/when needed. That aside, congrats on 390, it is the most under rated of the Beta 4t. Glad to see more and more riders buying them.
  14. Do you want to ride now or later? Frig at that price, you can do your own weight reduction (LiO battery, etc).
  15. BPD /thread