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  1. matgaz

    430 vs 390 rr-s

    390 It does not need to be wrung out, it can, but it does not need to.
  2. matgaz

    430 vs 390 rr-s

    The 390 is more akin to a DRZ400/XR400 (with better everything and I mean everything) than a 450 SX bike. If the OP likes to rev to the limiter, than yes the 350/430 is probably a better choice.
  3. matgaz

    430 vs 390 rr-s

    The 390 has plenty of power. My 2016 does not have the map switch so it is full power all the time. The bottom to mid is manageable, the mid to top will get you in trouble. I have yet to meet a rider that can ride the balls off the 390 motor. If you like to be on all the time, then 350 /430 is probably more your cup of tea. I'd compare it to a 300 2t where the 350 is 250 2t.
  4. matgaz

    Beta X-Trainer 300

    Others will chime in but 2t do not make great Dual Sport, as when you run them at a steady RPM for a long period of time, they tend to load up. You then have to ring them to clean em up. It all depends how far you need to ride in order to get to the trails. I have been in the same boat as you (but not vertically challanged), I have owned a 250L before getting an XT and 390. The 250L is a PIG! The 350 and 390 motor wise would be a great option and you keep in rain mode until you get used to the power. Seat height wise, have you look at AJP, their offering looks very decent and they seem to have lower seat height then the other Euros.
  5. matgaz

    390RRS or 500RRS for singletrack

    If one can afford 2 bikes, then yes, the 480 + 2t of your flavour makes a lot sense!
  6. matgaz

    390RRS or 500RRS for singletrack

    I ride both single tracks and atv trails with my 390 and never left wanting more power. I rode a 480 in single track and as much as I was impressed, that is a lot of motor to manage in tight quarters. I went for a day ride on rail beds with 650s, 800s, 1000s dual sport and never really had any issues keeping up. I was originally looking at getting a 480 but ended up with a 390 and there is not a single day that I regret that decision.
  7. matgaz

    Beta needs a 12.5 in and a 16 inch mini

    And the minicross-e http://www.betamotor.com/en/enduro/bikes/minicross-e-2018
  8. YMMV. XT motor drank some silthy water. New bottom end and jug. OI never failed. Like any other system, after ride inspection should include topping off the oil tank and checking the tube. Never had to mix, don't why I would start to now. 100% would get OI again. Can't wait for jetting to go away.
  9. matgaz

    Anyone running

    Anyone running the EE / Beta Alu skid plate with linkage guard? Been running the stock plastic one with no issue but I plan on upping my game and probably will start bashing things.
  10. matgaz

    390 RR-S 2017 vs 2018?

    Another year, the same question again ;) Excellent choice on the 390! 2017 for a slew of reasons: $$$ savings for the necessary accessories that you would have to buy anyway for the '18 $$$ savings that you can put toward suspensions upgrades $$$ savings that you can put toward a lithium battery Kickstarter - if that bothers you $$$ savings for other things you may desire $$$ savings to change those awful stock tires $$$ savings $$$ savings $$$ savings This one should be #1, you get to ride the bike ASAP!
  11. matgaz

    Beta forum user question: Split this forum?

    Keep as is, there is some overlapping between 2t and 4t.
  12. Or one could buy an AJP with a derived 230 engine and more modern components.
  13. matgaz

    Where are the 125 RR 2 strokes?

    If I had more expandable income and it came with OI, I'd be tempted.
  14. Seems like opinions for the XT falls in two camps: It's fine, just minor adjustment needed. It's crap, you must replace everything.
  15. matgaz

    18 390rrs power

    The only reason to change the silencer would be to loose some weight higher up. I have yet to meet anyone that can use all the power the 390 has. While not an engine designed to be flogged, it will take a flogging very well. And that power band is wide.