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  1. John_Curea

    cracked shock shaft?

    I have a Ti coated showa shaft plus jam nut. You can have it for 175.00. 724-336-3293 I've seen that on early model WP shafts. Take Care,John
  2. John_Curea

    KTM 65 MX-Tech fork internals

    What a ham...
  3. John_Curea

    what fork seals to get

    We have our MX-TECH fork seals in stock. They are proprietary seals made to our specs. They are very reasonable at $12.50 for the oil and the same for the dust seals. We also have custom bushings for all late model applications. 724-336-3293 Regards, John
  4. I just spoke with Jeremy and he is hot on an idea that's been circling his mental globe for the last few years! This design aids in bottoming resistence, for low to mid speed bottoming situations. The hydraulic bottoming cone only works effectively in high speed bottom applications. Once the fork speed slows to a point, the hydraulic resistence is too low and you end up with a soild metal clank. The new MXT PDS design runs a secondary piston in front of the base valve controlled by a needle which is mounted on the end of the midvalve! And of course a closer look reveals that this isn't your old school typical compression assembly ( I can say that because the current spring/seperator piston design is pushing 13 year old technology). This MXT design sports a large volume of N2 behind the sep. piston. Initial testing has indicated very low addition of spring rate while maintaining an effective pressure inside the chamber. More info http://www.mx-tech.com/?id=articles_news&news_id=112
  5. John_Curea

    DaveJ are you of service?

    Dave is a good tuner and I'm sure he can help your suspension issues. If you are looking for someone local, We have a MX-TECH has a shop in Glendale operated by Rich Swawitskas. The phone number is 623-463-3488. Take Care,John
  6. This is my first post on the 4 wheeler side of TT! We tune allot of ATV shocks and we recently tested using stock LTR450 springs on the TRX450R front shocks. They work amazingly good. We have a computerized spring rater at our shop and we compared a triple rate Elka spring set up vs a stock LTR450 frt spring. They had almost identical progression graphs. This requires a little spring keeper work, but it is easy to make it work. The one major benefit of the progressive LTR spring is that it doesn't use any spacers (or go betweens) rubbing on the shock body causing stiction. I'll post some dyno graphs and pics soon. Take Care, John
  7. John_Curea

    Ebay deal gone sour

    Wow , bad news travels fast! I offered to buy that frame back, including the shipping money. I emailed him a receipt that he wanted. I have other riders in California who would buy that frame tomorrow ( I sold that brand new powder coated) frame, sub-frame and hubs for less than 4 bills, I honestly don't know what it would take to make him happy.
  8. John_Curea


    PMK, Good question, I'll be starting a new thread specific to the Element 7 gas fork.
  9. Give me a call at the shop. I have a good selection and they are all computer checked to ensure the rating. 724-336-3293 Take Care,John
  10. John_Curea

    Shock vacuum pump questions.

    The problem with pulling a vacuum on a shock without a quad seal is that it will leak at a certain point. You need to pull a relatively deep vacuum for a successful air-free fill. The problem on a jap shock is once you get to the required level of vacuum the vacuum gage needle will start to bounce. Indicating that air is being pulled past the seal head. If you don't see the needle start to bounce you haven't pulled a deep enough vacuum. The only way to tell if your rig is pulling a deep enough vacuum for an air-free fill is to periodically pull a shock apart under fluid to check for the presence of air. If you are pulling air past the seal or not going into enough of a vacuum, the end results will be marginal at best. Actually, the vacuum oven allows you to run a slightly deeper vacuum on the outside of the shock compared to the inside. This will ensure an air-free fill. Take Care,John
  11. John_Curea


    You will be able to do it. There will be a couple proprietary tools needed, including a nitrogen needle with a high end gage. A solid level of mechanical ability and meticulous attention to detail is always needed to perform competent suspension work. As a wise man once told me when I started this profession almost 10 years ago " All you have to do is NOT "F" anything up and you will be ahead of 80% of the companies doing suspension work"....pretty crazy huh?
  12. John_Curea


    The MX-TECH Element 7 complete valving system is 539.95 installed. I will post a thread specifically about this system. Take Care,John
  13. John_Curea

    Shock vacuum pump questions.

    drehwurm, Nice work! I just purchased a vacuum oven to encase the entire shock while servicing. I'll post some pictures and info when I pick it up this week. John
  14. John_Curea

    My homemade subtanks

    Nice work! The only potential issue I see is the pick up at the bottom of the tank. While this is good for pulling fluid back to the fork, I wonder if the air pressure can change quick enough due to a possible restriction caused by fluid in the adjustable orifice. Let us know how they work. Take Care,John
  15. John_Curea

    Husqvarna OEM vs aftermarket fork seals

    I have heard issues with those fork seals. I have seals for the 45mms or the 50mm that are amazing. They cost about 12.00/ea. They have reduced our warranty seal work to about zero. Let me know if you need some. Take care,John