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    Hunting Elk and rocks --we winter in Arizona "It's a hard life but someone has to do it"

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  1. USMCVietVet

    James Bond Skyfall Bike, help needed

    How bout investing in a really good bike lock and chain?? just my 2 cents worth??? :excuseme:
  2. USMCVietVet

    "The Recovery Room"

    I'll be 70 in November
  3. USMCVietVet

    "The Recovery Room"

    only bad part of the TW is that it is geared so low 55 mph is max--heck you shift 3 times going thru an intersection?? HUGE back tire works great Off road
  4. USMCVietVet

    "The Recovery Room"

    TW-200 Trailway is a great bike==i've had two of them over the years--best beach bike ever
  5. USMCVietVet

    "The Recovery Room"

    a new helmet to protect your head from the hail????????????????????
  6. USMCVietVet

    End of Season update

    Hope you heal quickly :thumbsup:
  7. USMCVietVet

    What did you do to your crf250l today?

    What is her name?????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Pic's please
  8. USMCVietVet

    "The Recovery Room"

    OUCH Josh that hurts just looking at the x rays--hope you heal up soon!! :thumbsup:
  9. USMCVietVet

    "The Recovery Room"

    Doubt it would help my back--going for surgery the day after turkey day for four ruptured disc's--not from M/C accident i might add--sucks to b me
  10. USMCVietVet

    What did you do to your crf250l today?

    Yes officer thats stock --why do you ask???? :naughty:
  11. USMCVietVet

    "The Recovery Room"

    I barfed on my keyboard MR G you own me a new on!!
  12. Have you tried Mac's cycle in Lewiston they were super to me--5050 OTD but not a 15 i might add
  13. USMCVietVet

    New Members Welcome Thread... : )

    Welcome to our obsession milky and lewis--enjoy the ride!!
  14. USMCVietVet

    Future of bikes

    Neighbor had an electric bike bout 9 mo's hated it he said--no range the way he rides --it was quick out the gate and quiet i thought but ever took it the 75 miles that the battery lasted?? Just my two cents worth :ride:
  15. USMCVietVet

    Is CRF250L an Old Man's Bike?

    Thanks rooster-like i said one older than i am by 4 years!!